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What time do your trips usually depart?

These are typical seasonal departure times. Your actual trip will be determined based on weather conditions and livebait availability, all charters should check-in within 24 hours prior to the trip to confirm departure time. To check-in please call us at 305-289-0071 the evening before your charter.

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Do we get a Mate on the smaller boats?

It is pretty common in the Florida Keys for boats around 30 feet or less to NOT include a mate. Our 32' Priority the Main Attraction V and our 32' Seahunter the Reel Attraction, accommodate parties of 4 and are operated solely by a Captain. This means if you book a trip on one of our 2 smaller boats, typically your Captain will also act as your Mate. This is a great option for smaller groups, customers on a budget, or customers that simply want to be more involved with fishing on the deck. Some clients even prefer to pitch [...]

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Do you organize or offer Split Charters?

No, we do not organize or offer split charters. A split charter is when strangers decide to meet for the first time and share a fishing charter together. While at first glance this may seem like a great idea to save a few dollars, it can lead to extreme dissatisfaction. You may read more about the comparison between private and shared fishing charters here. For this reason, we have smaller boats in our fleet, perfect for groups of 4 or less. Click here to see boat options and rates.

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Can we catch a Mahi, a Grouper, a Swordfish, a Yellowtail, and a Unicorn in a half day?

This is my favorite question! First off, a swordfish is 30+ miles offshore and each drift can last up to forty-five minutes. Second, Mahi can be anywhere from 10-30+ miles offshore. Yellowtail and grouper are typically found on the reef. So to answer the question, in a ½ day, no that is impossible.  It is always best to book the trip length you are comfortable with and let the Captain read the conditions and see what you have the best chance of catching but you certainly should let him now what your goals are.

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