Charter Fishing Testimonials

Florida Keys Charter Fishing Testimonials

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After multiple tries with different live baits, Digger rigged up a snatch hook and actually snagged it on the second try. Remember what Yogie Berra said, “It ain’t braggen if you can do it” Digger is athletic, diligent and precise. In a word, amazing. Marty backing down on the bull was a demonstration of his amazing boat handling expertise as the bull shifted left and right. Morris and Marty, you run the most high performance offshore operation I know of. Thank you for hosting us.

Joe Chamberlain

Marty, I wanted to drop you a line and tell you, Thanks SO much. Ron, Tony, Warren, Steve, Joan and I had such a great time on your boat as always. We are all sore –for good reasons–you and Cody wore us out–I have caught dolphin numerous times but catching TUNA yesterday was a first for me, and I wanted to personally thank you so much. It is a trip I will never forget. I keep telling Ron that we need to talk about putting a swordfish trip together – that would be awesome! That would kill me, right…… Anyway, thank you so much again-We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Kris Sirvinskas
Offshore Main Attraction
Mutton Snapper Testimonial

Hi Capt., I wanted to thank you and your mate Jamie for the best fishing trip of my life. This was the first time I have been able to fish with my best friends all being in the same place. I have to tell you that I have been luckey enough to have been born into fishing and boating but being with you guys was just amazing when you jumped on the throttles and stating yelling to Jamie and Jamie thru the Ballyhoo, one to the left and one to the right, while you were flooring it. Then he thru one rod to my best bud Richie and one to me and we both hooked up with Sailfish. I was looking for the ESPN camaras, again thanks, Richie and I and my wife will be back to do this again.

Laurence Schaeffer

Marty and Jamie, Thanks for a great ride – we had a blast
I wanted to thank both of you for a spectacular trip on Sunday. What a thrill it was for my brothers to take my father out on his first charter. You guys were the best. We ended up landing 11 Dolphin and that awesome swordfish! My brothers and I will never charter another boat other than main attraction. I can’t thank you enough for fulfilling some of our lifelong dreams of catching the “big one” while we were all together. I’ll be booking another trip soon! I’ve included some of the pictures – hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!!! Thanks.

Swordfish Main Attraction
Mahi Main Attraction

Capt Morris, What can I say but, WOW! The Main Attraction has delivered yet again another memorable fishing experience. The Main Attraction II crew provided unrivaled service and two of the greatest days of fishing in our lives. In addition to catching several Mahi-Mahi ranging from 10-25 lbs, we released a Sailfish on Friday and a Blue Marlin on Saturday. Again, thanks for the memorable fishing experience we will see you again soon! Please enjoy these photos will send more when I can…. Get-r-dun! Great work boyz, looking forward to next year…

Jeremy MacDonald

Marty, Thank you both again for a great fishing trip. We both had a wonderful time and look forward to fishing with you in the future. I have attached some photos from our recent trip. If you want more pictures let me know and I will mail you them on a disk. Thank you again

Rick Zanini
Tarpon Marathon Florida
Reef Fishing Marathon Florida

Thanks guys for a wonderful trip. We went down to the keys for the last week in October and chartered the Main Attraction our first day there. A storm was building (eventually a hurricane) but we made it out. We’ve fished all over the world and this was by far the best charter we ever had. My dad was so impressed when the first question asked was “What do you want to catch”. We responded mahi and within an hour we had 4 or 5 in the boat. What impressed us so much was The Main Attraction II crews hard work and desire to please us. Rather than just drag bait, they suggested we head for the reef and fish for yellowtail. We slayed ’em!!! When the bite slacked, they changed tactics and starting “balling” and we started catching again. We caught kings, muttons and even had a sail on. A great time was had by all. After the storm passed a few days later, we were so frustrated at not being able to fish during our trip that we decided to fish you guys our last day so we could at least go home with some fish. Boy did you guys deliver!!! It was still too rough beyond the reef but we just had to get out one last day. Once again, The Main Attraction II crew put us on the fish. It was rough but we certainly filled our coolers for our trip back. I would recommend you guys to anybody who wants to have fun and catch fish. Your crew treated us more like family than customers. They did everything we wanted or let us do it if we wanted to…we’re not afraid to get our fingers dirty. We are already planning our next trip and can’t wait. You do live up to your motto- “We find ’em, you wind ’em. Thanks for all and we’ll look forward to seeing you this summer.

Jeff Bloch

Captain Morris, I want to once again thank you and your Captain Marty and mates Jamie, DJ and Brendan for another excellent fishing trip this May. It’s nice to be able to count on The Main Attraction fleet to put on an all out effort to get us onto fish. I know my group of anglers has made you all look good at the dock on many occasions but the truth be known your “Main Attractions” made these many trips successful! I believe I’ve been fishing with you for almost 25 years and I’ll continue to do so in the future, God willing! Thanks again for the great Dolphin trips this May and my several trips in February.

Joe LaVecchia
Mahi Key Colony Beach
Florida Keys Charter Fishing

Capt Morris, I hope that all is well with you. We had another exciting trip with the Main Attraction Fleet. Main Attraction II crew were phenomanal and we’re already looking forward to next years trip. Enjoy these pictures and we’ll see you soon.

Jeremy MacDonald

It has been my fishing pleasure to have first fished with Captain Morris of Main Attraction 6 years ago. Since that first productive encounter we have never considered fishing on any other boat. We look forward each year for moments we will never forget. There’s always a catch, whether it’s sport fishing for sailfish or a dinner meal. Our catch dolphin, cobia(the limit last trip) or snapper, has always been plentiful enough to take fish home for a huge dinner party with all of our friends. We look forward to seeing you next year! One happy customer

Charlie Rouse
Florida Keys Charter Fishing Testimonials
Florida Keys Charter Fishing Testimonials

Our party consisted of Sam Sr, Sam Jr, and Sam III my daughter Nikki and my sons friend Brandy and her son Kyle. We chartered the 43′ Main Attraction for two days . Day one after leaving the marina we cruised for about 30 minutes then started fishing for Yellow Tail . The kids stole the show and haled in around 10 or 15. We also caught a few bait fish that we kept for later in the trip. After a couple hours we went on the search for the Big Boys. In no time at all Marty spotted a few Dolphin and in a matter of minutes I hooked in a 42″ cow. I almost had her in to the boat when everything broke lose, Marty had spotted a Trophy Bull Dolphin. Jamie instructed me to just keep the cow beside the boat while Marty maneuvered closer to the Bull. Within minutes Sam Jr was in the fight of his life with the huge Bull Dolphin on the other end of his line. Jamie gaffed my fish then assisted Sam Jr until he landed the 58″ Bull Dolphin which he has proudly displayed on his wall at home, Nikki caught a giant Permit, Brandy, Sam III and Kyle caught a lot of Yellow tail and Dolphin but lost the Big One. Everyone in our party caught Dolphin and had the time of our lives. Marty and Jamie were excellent , with there experience and professionaliziam This was the best trip ever. One of our drivers has chartered with Marty and Jamie the week after me this year, maybe a little competition going on! Looking forward to this years trip.

Sam Holland

Hello, Captains and Mates of the Fine Fleet of the “Main Attraction”, The attached are from April 3rd, 2006. Our group took a year off from the Keys this year, but hope to fish with you in ’08. ESPN’s Norm Issac’s show out of the Keys must be helping business!! At least it got me to reminisce through the photos this morning of our fine day trip last year and then I went to your current web-site. Hope to be fishing on “The Main Attraction” within the next year. The Norm Issac show featured some nice Sailfish being caught in some good “healthy” seas, that were supposedly just off Marathon 2-3 miles.

Brad Burgess
Sailfish Main Attraction

Hello Marty and Crew, I had my family in the Keys for Spring Break in March and wanted my 10 year old daughter to experience deep sea fishing for Sailfish. We chartered the Main Attraction II with Shelby and Ariel on the 14th of March for a full day trip. I was hoping to just get my daughter on one Sail for the rush that it is. What can I say, your guys did an awesome job of finding and getting us on the fish we were looking for. In the seven hour charter we didn’t go more than 20 minutes without seeing a fish to chase. In all we spotted 15 Sailfish, hooked 8, caught and released 6. My daughter Gabriella caught three of those incredible thrashers herself. The guys also put us on a 20lb Cobia right at the end of the day that made great table fare back at our resort that evening. For my daughter and me it was a trip we will never forget. Thanks for helping create a most enjoyable memory! We can’t wait for our next trip with The Main Attraction!

Brad & Gabbi Larson Hudson

Dear Morris, We got some pictures developed and check out this Permit…..this was one of the fish that had escaped my caught list for a long time. Seems fitting that I should catch my first one my favorite captain and good friend. What a great three days with you catching 20 Sails, 11 Cobia, 2 Permit and watching a 14′ Hammerhead shark eat one of the Permit in one easy bite !!!! Seeing 8 Whale sharks in three days was quite a treat also. Good things seem to always happen when we fish together. We need to do more of it !!!
Best Regards, and see you in June !!!

John Stegeman
Charter Fishing Testimonial

Dear Marty and Jamie, Thanks again for a wonderful fishing trip. Sammy and I had a blast. The new boat is exceptional and built perfectly for what you guys do on a daily basis… Catch Big Fish. The 2 large Sails we hooked up with were a great fight, as were the Grouper and Mutton Snapper but the King Macks were alot of fun. What a good fight for a smaller fish. They were like little sliver bullets. Great action! As always your professionalism and knowledge is second to none. Everywhere we went, before we could tell people how great you guys are as charter boat fleet, we were beat to the punch by people who already knew that. Before we could get the words out of our mouths about “The Main Attraction” the locals and other visitors were already bragging that they also know you guys as the best. Thanks again, see you next month.

Jack and Sammy Karcz
Dear Marty, Jamie, and Morris, For 8 years my wife and I had chased that elusive ‘first’ sailfish. I’d lost count of how many Keys Charters we’d been on, but its easily 25 or more, and then we happened on “Main Attraction”. Suffice it to say, after numerous “boat rides”, a few fish, we had no illusions as to what to expect from a chartered trip. At least that is, until Main Attraction. Your organization has truly rewritten the “How to Run a Charter” book. Lady Luck was with us and we booked with you after a late cancellation. After a dynamite morning of Yellowtailing (our request), Marty asked if we’d be interested in looking for Sails on the way back. My wife, the eternal optimist, was so excited that I didn’t bother to remind her of how many times we’d been disappointed, and decided to catch up on some badly needed sleep. A short time later I was awakened by a lot of excited yelling and scrambling and looked up to see my wife firmly locked in a duel with a huge Sail, with Marty and Jamie scurrying to clear the lines.I jumped in to help only to be slammed by a second Sail. As I set the hook, a third hit the starboard outrigger. We had three hookups at once! Mine turned out to be 93” and my wife’s 84”. Finally, nearly 8 years of waiting had paid off! That day began a marriage with the Main Attraction that has lasted for years, and never a disappointment. Since then, I would speculate that we’ve been out with you guys 15 to 20 times and have always “loaded” the boat. Mahi-Mahi, Tuna, Wahoo, Yellow Tails, Kings, and about every other fish in the ocean. During the last trip, we had company guests and went with you 5 times. Our best customer was taking his second ever Charter.
A “dyed in the wool”, hardcore Trout fisherman, little did he know what was in store for him. After a warm-up with some Yellow Tails, and a round with some Kings, Marty and Jamie once again came through, only this time, there were 5 Sails on at once. Two on the boat, and legally caught another. Needless to say my customer is a Main Attraction addict, bought and wears a Main Attraction “T” shirt, and even went out and joined the IGFA and the Billfish Foundation! The second week was just like the first! Tuna, Kings, Dolphin, and this little fellow I’m sending you a photo of. Over 56 pounds of Permit, the likes of which I’ve never seen, nor do I think I want to try again real soon. That fish kicked my backside! Bottom line is this. You can try every charter from Miami to Key West if you like boat rides. If you want to catch fish, there is ONLY charter to consider. Main Attraction, period. Guys, Betsy and I, along with the folks that have fished with us, want to thank you for being a “class act”. It is truly appreciated!
Ryck & Betsy Martin
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Charter Fishing Testimonial

Capt. Morris, Wanted to let you know how much our family enjoyed our offshore trip with you. Caught lots of yellowtail snapper, some grouper, an amberjack, and a few barracuda, a great variety of fishing that kept my family on their toes. Your mate, Ariel, was friendly and always on top of things. You’ve got a great boat for families, big, clean, comfortable with a first-rate fishing crew. Here are some pictures of our trip for you to enjoy.

Dave Ott

I would like to thank you all for the hard work and dedication you invested into making our day of offshore sportfishing a complete success. Thanks to Captain Marty for getting up before the sun to catch the lively pilchards so necessary for successful fishing as well as positioning the Main Attraction in the perfect location on the fish. Thanks to Jamie who worked quickly and courteously to get the baits in the water, set hooks, chum live bait, gaff the fish and re-rig the rods without ever taking a break! I am a seasoned angler and the proficiency you guys demonstrated was very impressive. I’m not sure you realize just how much skill you guys possess. I would like to let you all know that it surely does NOT go unnoticed. We look forward to fishing tournaments with you in the future.

Chris Hart
Florida Keys Testimonial
Main Attraction Review

Morris, We’ve only been back from Spring break for a week and I am already looking forward to my next fishing trip aboard the Main Attraction. We’ve been fishing with you for over ten years and each time we go out we are still amazed at how much fun we have and what a first class job you do to help us catch fish. This year was especially fun due to the fact that my 15 year old son Jesse caught his first sailfish, an 86″ beauty. You and Ariel did a fantastic job as usual and the memories will live on through the many pictures we have. We brought home two coolers of fish fillets and have already dined on some very fine mahi mahi that we caught aboard the Main Attraction. Thanks again for the great time and professional atmosphere you provide.

Jerry Schilligo

Hi Marty, Morris and Jamie. We fished the Main Attraction last Sunday for a 3/4 day. My name is Brad and my wife’s name is Rachel. We had an absoluely wonderful time … Thank you! Both Marty and Jamie were everything we could have hoped for in a Captain and 1st Mate. They were professional, courteous and enjoyable company. Wanted you to know how tasty the Dorado were once we arrived back here in Clearwater. Obviously, we have more meals on the way…the freezer is full !!! Also, Morris had introduced me to a sunscreen that he and the crew uses. I was wondering if you could send me some information on how to obtain some of it from you. I would be very appreciative. We really had a great time and look foward to coming back. Also, we are happy to give word of mouth support of your Charter business. Please give our best to Marty and Jamie.

Brad and Rachel Davis
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Hey Marty: We had chartered out the Main Attraction with Shelby & Ariel this past Friday. I had taken 83 pics of our day on the boat. Here’s a few really nice ones for you! I have plenty more if you need them for your website. They both did a great job.

George P. Joseph III

What an experience! I’ve heard so many stories about how often people have hired a charter in search of the “elusive sail” and been disappointed. My husband and I have been vacationing in Marathon for many years and never tried for anything we weren’t going to eat. In March of 2005, I asked my husband and some friends to look into a charter for sailfish. I just wanted to try for myself. My attitude was and is – any day on the water is a GREAT day! I was happy with the thought of a day in the sun in the beautiful waters of the Keys with some dear friends. The Whalen Party of 6 booked a trip with Cap’n Morris and his mate, Ariel. What I got was the experience of a lifetime and something many people have yet to brag about. Many thanks for a day I’ll remember for the rest of my life. We (including me) had 5 beauties on, 3 to the boat. I was not the first on, but for an excited lady from the Jersey Shore, Cap’n Morris and Ariel allowed me a photo op.

Anne Longo