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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Click on a question below to get a quick answer to some of the more frequently asked questions about our Florida Keys fishing charters. If you have more questions always feel free to call us at (305) 289-0071 or visit our contact page.

Why don’t you take more than 6 Passengers on one boat?2023-01-05T15:49:28+00:00

Due to U S Coast Guard Law, almost all Florida Keys charter boats carry a Max of 6 passengers. Passengers include any person going on the charter, even if they do not fish. A baby, or child is considered a passenger.

Our fleet is comprised of multiple vessels that can accommodate large group outings. Contact us at 305-289-0071 for more information.

Do your boats have bathrooms onboard?2023-01-05T15:49:37+00:00

Yes, all 5 of our boats in operation have full bathrooms on board. The Main One has two bathrooms.

What should I bring on the trip?2023-01-05T15:49:43+00:00

We recommend bringing food and drinks and other personal issues (ie. sunscreen, towel, hat, etc.). The charter provides the licenses, rods/reels, bait, tackle, and coolers with ice. Coolers are provided on the boat for the trip but if you have a long ride home you will need one to transport your fillets. We also recommend a Camera to take great photos of your catch! Read more about what is included in your trip here!

What happens to the fish I catch?2023-01-05T15:49:50+00:00

Fish caught on the vessel that you intend to keep must meet the current regulations and laws in regard to season, size and catch limit. Once back at the dock we will display your fish for photos and fillet and bag them. Most customers come for the fun, but also to get fresh seafood! Let the crew know if you prefer to catch, photo, and release.

Note: We will filet and bag up to one 5 Gallon bucket of pure meat fillets (Approx. 50lbs of meat). You are welcome to keep any additional fish you caught on your trip. Cleaning tables at our dock are only for use by authorized Captains and crew members.

How do we get our fish home?2023-01-05T15:49:59+00:00

Main Attraction does not pack and ship fish, however, we have an amazing restaurant/fish market in town that we highly recommend http://brutusseafood.com. They can pack your fish to ship or fly with. If you plan to carry-on or check-in your catch please contact your particular Airline first to find out if they will allow it as the rules do vary.

Do I need to Tip the Captain and Mate?2023-01-05T15:50:16+00:00

Industry standard is 20%. On our larger vessels, where there is a Captain and Mate, they split the 20%, and on our smaller vessels, 20% goes to the captain, as he or she also is your Mate. Think of your Crew like waiters of the sea! The pay structure is very similar but the work is physically grueling as they work long hours and weekends. Our crews don’t just fish, they also catch live bait at sunrise and maintain the boats and fishing equipment. They rely heavily on tips to make their living and feed their families.

Can we jump in the water and swim?2023-01-05T15:50:22+00:00

Unfortunately, no! First, when chumming the water, it is not a good idea to swim. Sharks and other large species may be present. And second, our boats do not have an egress to get out of the water.

What if I get Seasick?2023-01-05T15:50:28+00:00

If you are unsure about seasickness, we recommend taking a seasick pill the night before and the morning of your charter. Be sure to read the labels, and always check with your Doctor first! These pills do usually work, however, in case of seasickness, the customer always has the option to end the trip early.

What footwear should I wear for my trip?2023-01-05T15:50:39+00:00

Please make sure you wear non-skid footwear designed for wet conditions, such as boating shoes. Never go bare footed.   Flipflops are not consider boating shoes and are unsafe to wear on a boat or dock area. Boat and dock floors are often wet, and we want you to have a fun and safe experience.

Do you have life jackets aboard your vessels?2023-01-05T15:50:46+00:00

Yes. We keep all of our vessels compliant with Coast Guard rules and life jackets are one of the requirements. All boats have them, and our Captains will let you know where they are during safety orientation when you first board the vessel.

We do encourage those with little ones to bring a smaller life jacket along with them, the commercial life jackets we have are large and bulky.

What time do your trips usually depart?2023-01-05T15:50:53+00:00

These are typical seasonal departure times. Your actual trip will be determined based on weather conditions and livebait availability, all charters should check-in within 24 hours prior to the trip to confirm departure time. To check-in please call us at 305-289-0071 the evening before your charter.

May - SeptemberOctober - April
Full Day Charter (7 hours)07:00am - 02:00pmFull Day Charter (7 hours)08:00am - 03:00pm
3/4 Day (5.5 hours)07:00am - 12:30pm3/4 Day (5.5 hours)08:00am - 01:00pm
1/2 Day am (4 hours)07:00am - 11:00am1/2 Day am (4 hours)08:00am - 12:00pm
1/2 Day pm (4 hours)12:00pm - 04:00pm1/2 Day pm (4 hours)01:00pm - 05:00pm
Are there any surcharges I should know about?2023-01-05T15:51:00+00:00

If you wish to Tuna Fish on the Hump there is an additional fuel surcharge of $100. This is because a trip to the Tuna fishing Grounds is a minimum 60 mile round trip.

Do we get a Mate on the smaller boats?2023-01-05T15:51:08+00:00

It is pretty common in the Florida Keys for boats around 30 feet or less to NOT include a mate. Our 32′ Priority the Main Attraction V and our 32′ Seahunter the Reel Attraction, accommodate parties of 4 and are operated solely by a Captain. This means if you book a trip on one of our 2 smaller boats, typically your Captain will also act as your Mate. This is a great option for smaller groups, customers on a budget, or customers that simply want to be more involved with fishing on the deck.

Some clients even prefer to pitch and hook their own fish and ask the Captain to just drive them to the fish! If you prefer to have a Mate tending to you throughout your trip or have a group of 5 or 6 people, we recommend you book one of our larger boats that have lots of deck space and include a Mate. When you book your trip with us, give us a call to discuss your trip goals and your level of experience.

Do you organize or offer Split Charters?2023-01-05T15:51:14+00:00

No, we do not organize or offer split charters. A split charter is when strangers decide to meet for the first time and share a fishing charter together. While at first glance this may seem like a great idea to save a few dollars, it can lead to extreme dissatisfaction. You may read more about the comparison between private and shared fishing charters here.

For this reason, we have smaller boats in our fleet, perfect for groups of 4 or less. Click here to see boat options and rates.

Can we catch a Mahi, a Grouper, a Swordfish, a Yellowtail, and a Unicorn in a half day?2023-01-05T15:51:20+00:00

This is my favorite question! First off, a swordfish is 30+ miles offshore and each drift can last up to forty-five minutes. Second, Mahi can be anywhere from 10-30+ miles offshore. Yellowtail and grouper are typically found on the reef. So to answer the question, in a ½ day, no that is impossible.  It is always best to book the trip length you are comfortable with and let the Captain read the conditions and see what you have the best chance of catching but you certainly should let him now what your goals are.



If you need to cancel your charter(s) for any reason, we require 48 hours’ notice. Other Florida Keys fishing charter companies will charge you for the entire charter or at the very least you would lose your deposit. At Main Attraction we do not charge upfront deposits for bookings or expect you to pay for the entire charter in advance, we simply have a cancellation fee for last-minute cancellations and no-shows. If you cancel within 48 hours of the scheduled trip, we will charge you a cancellation fee of $250 for a half-day trip and $500 for a 3/4 or Full Day trip. If you cancel with less than 48 hours’ notice on multiple boats and/or trip bookings, the cancellation fee will apply to each separate trip you are canceling. Not showing up for your charter at all without warning, is an automatic cancellation fee.

Our crews wake up at 4 am and spend hours catching live bait and preparing each vessel to fish, to no-show ruins their day and affects their income. If extenuating circumstances arise, please contact us immediately so we can determine the situation and try to rebook the boat to avoid the cancellation fee. If you are worried or concerned about forecasted weather, please contact us to discuss. If it is determined by Main Attraction personnel that weather or fishing conditions will be a hindrance to the quality, and/or safety of the customer(s) during the trip, the customer will be notified and offered the option to either reschedule or cancel without penalty. The quickest way to reach us is to call 305-289-0071.


Unlike some other fishing charter businesses, we include the cost of fuel in all of our rates. We do not have hidden fees or surcharges. Fuel is a significant factor in the pricing of our trips, and we reserve the right to change our prices to adjust for this. The prices on our rates page reflect the cost of your trip if you were going fishing with us today. If you book a fishing trip three months in advance, the rate could end up being different on the day of your trip. While our rates do not change frequently, you should check the website the day of your trip to know what you are paying.

If you book a reef trip but end up fishing wreck or offshore, you will pay the offshore rate. If the fishing is slow on the reef and your Captain recommends wreck fishing or heading offshore, which burns significantly more fuel, you must still pay the offshore rate. If you decide you wish to fish for longer than you initially booked, when available, we can extend the length of the trip while you are on the water, but the new rates will apply.

Fish Cleaning

Our Captains will fillet up to a 5-gallon bucket worth of fillets, about 50lbs of meat. If you caught a vast number of fish, you are welcome to take the rest whole, but we cannot have crew members filleting fish for hours as we need them preparing for their next trip.

Our crew members can never guarantee to get all the bones out of fish fillets, and the responsibility of checking for bones in the fillets will be that of the ones preparing the meal and the ones eating it. Fish naturally have bones, and the act of fileting does not guarantee a boneless filet.