Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Florida Keys Deep Sea Fishing Charters

The Main Attraction Charter Fishing Team are live bait and light tackle specialists. We can confidently say that Florida Keys deep sea fishing charters are some of the best in the world based upon 40 years fishing experience, including fishing, Costa Rica, Mexico, Bahamas, Cabo San Lucas and many other fisheries around the world. The reason why is that out of Key Colony Beach we have access to a huge variety of fish species with much less travel time to each depth of water necessary to find them compared to most other places around the world. When we go Offshore past the 15-mile mark and often up to 30 miles or more offshore we call it  Deep Sea fishing as we can reach depths of over 1000ft in this range. 

Main Attraction offers offshore fishing trips to the Marathon Hump which is a fantastic fishery that almost always holds Blackfin Tuna. From May – August our Captains can often find  Dolphinfish (Mahi Mahi), Sailfish, Wahoo and the occasional Marlin on the Hump as well.  Trips to the Hump cost our regular offshore rate plus $100 for the extra fuel to go 30+ miles out. We often run trips this far out from May through August when the waters calmer than winter time since the Mahi are running and the Blackfin Tuna are usually biting on the hump. We are less inclined to reef fish this time of year because the fishing is so good offshore.   The exception to this is the Mangrove Snapper spawn on the reef in June and July, which is a fantastic way to get some meat in the box quickly before heading offshore. During the Mangrove Snapper spawn  a Combo trip (Reef and Offshore) is a great idea. If you are going out Deep Sea this time of year also ask your Captain about Deep Dropping with electric reels in depths of 640-1000 Ft which can yield highly desired eating fish such as Snowy Grouper, Yellowedge Grouper, Blueline, and Golden Tilefish, Barrel fish, Queen Snapper and more! We also troll big baits in our spread sometimes for Marlin during the summer and often have good weather days to go Swordfishing.  
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Slammer Mahi Mahi
Cobia Marathon Florida

Offshore Charter Fishing Trips

The Main Attraction Charter Fishing team has the expertise to utilize many Offshore fishing techniques throughout the year. The fishing conditions, the bite and the time of year dictates the style of offshore fishing we use at any given time.  But in general offshore fishing means hunting or trolling off anchor 5-7 miles off the shoreline or further. The Captain utilizes a large tower to sight-fish for species that are often on or near the waters surface such as Dolphinfish (Mahi Mahi), Sailfish, Cobia, Blackfin Tuna, Wahoo, Sailfish, Marlin.

From October – February the Bait fish that are often found further offshore are now closer to land, near the edge of the reef and on the reef. This creates exciting opportunities to catch offshore fish without having to go very far out like you might during the rest of the year. This also works perfectly with the weather as the seas are often not as calm as they are during the spring and summer months. Fortunately the winds often come from the North during these months and since the fish are near the reef for feeding the Island blocks a lot of the wind energy making fishing still lots of fun. Higher winds and a disturbed surface on the water can really work fish into a frenzy!

Because of these reasons October – February is a fantastic time of year to “Combo” your offshore experience with Reef fishing. Catch your delicious Yellowtail Snapper and other great eating fish on the reef and then head Offshore to look for Sailfish, Tuna, Wahoo and Cobia. Because the bait is so much closer to the land this time of year you have plenty of time to Reef fish and then look for fish offshore, it can even be done on a half day!

We also utilize these winds to fly kites on the reef and catch a multitude of “Offshore” fish while actually on anchor or livebait trolling just a few miles out. Sailfish, Kingfish (King Mackerel), Cero Mackeral and other species are often caught from our kites during the fall and winter months.
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Wreck Fishing Trips

Wreck fishing is a fun way to get into some big fish action on a half day trip or a Combo with a reef trip. One of the reasons Marathon Florida is such a great place to fish is the quick access we have to deeper water. A 20 minute ride from the dock to just off the reef gets you in depths of water from 130-300 feet deep. In these depths we know the locations of bridge rubble, sunken boats and even airplanes.

These “wrecks” as we call them harbor some very large fish that we target including Amberjack over 100lbs, Mutton Snapper from 15-20lbs, Black Grouper 20-40lbs, African Pompano 40-50lbs and Permit 10-25lbs. Also on the wrecks we occasionally hook into Sharks that weigh hundreds of pounds and the occasional Goliath grouper that can reach up to 800lbs!

Wreck fishing can be done year round for different species but it only works great when the conditions are right so always let your Captain advise you if it is a good idea to Wreck fish on the day of your trip.

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African Pompano - Wreck Fishing
Main Attraction Swordfish

Swordfish Trips

The ultimate in deep sea fishing charters

Swordfishing involves fishing in very deep water sometimes 1500 Feet or more.  Targeting Swordfish the Florida Keys requires skill and knowledge about conditions, location and presentation of bait in order to be successful. The Main Attraction charter fishing team has the know-how and the equipment to help you find your prey. Swordfish trips are usually most successful on calmer days which is often during the summer months but can be accomplished year round when the conditions are right. Our swordfish trips are 10 hours long as they require us to run quite far offshore sometimes 40 miles or more. Swordfishing is available on our  flagship vessel the Main Attraction. The trip is available in a 10 hour package for up to 6 guests for $2200. Contact us for more information or to book your swordfish trip today.
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