Reef Fishing Marathon Florida

Combo Fishing Trips

Reef Fishing Combined with Offshore

Our “Combo” trips allow you to combine Reef  fishing with Wreck and/or Offshore fishing in one day! This is a fantastic way to get a more complete Florida Keys charter fishing experience on your trip. A combo is a charter that often gives you a much better chance of catching fish mostly from October-April because it combines several types of fishing in one trip. The Keys is the only place in the world that allows you to experience two or three different types of fishing on the same charter even on half days. Combos increase your chances of having a successful charter and more variety in your catch by a wide margin.

Want to get catch some tasty Yellowtail Snapper on the reef for dinner before you head offshore to look for a Sailfish, Tuna, Mahi or Wahoo? Or maybe you want to  warm up on some Mangrove Snappers before heading to the Wrecks to drop baits for hard fighting Amberjacks (60-100lbs) and Mutton Snappers (10-20lbs). Have kids with you? Reef fishing is a great way to get them comfortable winding on fish before heading Offshore for some adrenaline pumping action. Whatever the reason a Combo is a great way to start your morning off  with some reef fishing on anchor first  and then head out to deeper water to hunt for some big ones!

Remember: You can decide while you are out fishing what type of fishing you want to do and whether or not you want to combine our different types of fishing. When you get back to the dock from fishing you pay for your trip. Upgrading your Reef trip to a Combo will trigger the standard Offshore rate for your trip. We highly recommend that you talk to your Captain before and during your trip to  make a trip plan based on what is in season as well as his advice in regard to the current fishing conditions.
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Mutton Snapper - Reef/Wreck Combo
Yellowtail Snapper - Reef Fishing

Reef Fishing in the Florida Keys

Reef fishing is  a fun and economical way  to fill up the box with delicious tasting fish. You can have a great catch on a  half day and the cost is lower due to less travel time and being on anchor instead of burning fuel throughout the entire trip. Reef fishing is also an excellent way to start off your day before heading off to the Wrecks or Offshore for a Combo trip. Reef fishing is recommended for families and novice anglers just starting to get into fishing although many of our experienced regular customers absolutely love to fish the reef with us too.

While the average size of fish caught on the reef is a bit smaller than offshore we do catch big fish while doing it which is often an exciting surprise to our Anglers. We catch  Yellowtail, Mangrove, and Mutton Snapper on the reef as well as King, Cero and Spanish Mackerel.

In the winter months we fly Kites and target Sailfish, Wahoo and Kingfish. We also catch Black and Red Grouper, Yellowjack, Amberjack, and even Mahi Mahi on the reef! There is also a variety of sharks we encounter and catch such as Nurse, Blacktip and Bull.
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