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Florida Keys Almost Summer Fishing Report: Hot Weather, Hot Fishing!

School is out, summer is nearly here, and the heat is on! With temperatures soaring between 90-100 degrees, it’s been scorching lately. But fishing? It’s even hotter!

Mahi Mania

We’ve been spotting weedlines offshore, a fantastic sign for Dolphinfish (Mahi-Mahi). Recently, the wind pushed some Mahi closer to shore, allowing us to catch a few right on the reef while fishing with our repeat clients, Jay Williams and Brice Brown. These gentlemen usually bring a group of friends at the start of each summer for multiple days of fun on the water. On their first day offshore, they caught over 16 Mahi! On the second day, they switched to the reef, landing some Yellowtail Snapper along with three bonus Mahi that the wind pushed inland!

Jay Williams and Brice Brown

Catching Mahi on the reef is always a great sign!

From Slow to Spectacular

We recently had a trip with Scotty Crowder, his wife, and friends that started slow but turned into an incredible day. Captain Marty noted that Mahi fishing was tough, but luck turned around as they encountered a school of Dolphinfish. Along with the Mahi, they also caught some beautiful Queen Snapper while deep dropping. It was a day to remember with a rack full of Dolphinfish and bottom fish.

Scotty Crowder & Co, with a great catch after a day of fishing aboard the Main One.

Inshore Adventure; Tarpon Time

Craving some fishing action closer to shore? Look no further than our exciting inshore Tarpon trips! These four-hour adventures typically depart around 4 or 4:30 pm, offering a perfect evening escape. We’re also thrilled to announce that Captain Marty Lewis’ son, Alex (soon to be Captain Alex!), is currently honing his skills to become a licensed captain! Recently he took his bonus Mom,Katie and little sister Natalie, on a Tarpon expedition they won’t soon forget. Tarpon fishing demands patience, but the rewards are truly epic. Imagine trying to keep a six-year-old entertained while waiting for a bite! Just when Natalie was ready to head in, the magic happened. A screaming Penn 6500 reel and a giant Tarpon leaping from the water transformed the trip into an adrenaline rush. Little Natalie’s initial boredom vanished, replaced by pure excitement!

With Alex at the helm, Katie reeled as fast as she could to come tight and follow the fish around the boat. Since it was just three of them, they all took turns fighting the Silver King even Natalie got some winding in! Katie and Alex took turns driving the boat making sure to follow the fish.

As the fight wore on, Alex grew determined to land the fish. Meanwhile, Katie displayed incredible skill, steering the boat, capturing video, and snapping photos – all while ensuring they didn’t accidentally run over the magnificent creature! Incredibly, another Tarpon even joined the party, swimming alongside its buddy throughout the entire battle! Exhausted but exhilarated, they finally reeled in the Tarpon. After a quick photo session, they released the fish back to its companion, ending the night with an unforgettable memory.  For more info on how we target these incredible fish check out our popular article All About The Atlantic Tarpon .

Tarpon Fishing Charter 2024

Alex Lewis is training to be a Captain before we know it, he’ll be running Tarpon trips for us!

Family Fun & Yellowtail Snapper

The Rice family treated themselves to a perfect half-day adventure on the Main One with Captain Marty. Their goal? Fresh fish for their vacation meals, and Captain Marty delivered! They ventured out on a convenient morning trip and hooked into a bounty of delicious good-sized Yellowtail Snapper. The fish practically jumped on board, happily settling in behind the chum bag. Everyone had a blast reeling in these tasty catches, ensuring their vacation would be filled with delicious seafood feasts.

Reef Fishing with the Rice Family

The Rice family pose with their catch from a 4 hour reef trip on June 3rd, 2024.

A Twist, But Still a Success:

Chris Vick had originally booked a reef trip for his family on the Reel Attraction, our smaller center console. However, worrisome forecasts predicting easterly winds of 10-20 mph made him concerned about his kids’ comfort and led him to cancel the trip – a decision Katie completely understood. 

However, as the day grew closer to his original reservation, the report began to improve. He happened to go into one of our favorite lunch spots, Fish Tales, and was talking to some locals about his canceled charter, and they advised him to take a look again at the forecast, noting that it looked quite fishable now. A local realtor and restaurant staff both told Chris he made a great choice picking Main Attraction, which was nice to hear. They told him if he didn’t happen to go fishing this time, that he should definitely rebook the next one with us. 

When Chris returned to his hotel room, he reached out to us again. Katie informed him that the boat was still available and reassured him not to worry. They agreed to play it by ear and speak again on Sunday night, with the option for Chris to cancel without penalty if the weather remained a concern. With this flexibility, Chris decided to rebook the trip.  

On June 3rd, they headed to the reef, just like the Rice family did on the Main One. After trying a couple of spots, they finally found a large, cooperative school of Yellowtail Snapper.

Marathon Florida Reef Fishing Charter

The Vick family started off the day catching some Yellowtail Snapper on the reef.

With a good catch on board, they decided to leave the reef and head offshore. Unfortunately, the Reel Attraction experienced a rare mechanical issue when one of the blades on the propeller detached. This is an uncommon occurrence, given our rigorous maintenance schedule, but it can happen due to metal fatigue, a hairline crack, or a manufacturing defect.

Captain Steve and first mate Alex were determined to salvage the trip. Instead of venturing far offshore for pelagic fish, they decided to troll along some nearby weed lines. To their delight, they found some nice gaffer Mahi, turning the trip into a success! Chris and his family had a fantastic time and were pleased they rebooked.

FL Keys gaffer sized Mahi

The Vick Family with one of their nice gaffer sized Mahi.

Once the Reel Attraction returned to the marina, the crew quickly borrowed a propeller from a local captain and repaired the vessel. Katie promptly ordered two spare props from a different manufacturer, as this was now the second time they had a prop fail from the same manufacturer.

Looking Ahead

If these recent fishing trips are any indication, we’re in for an outstanding Mahi season this summer! Don’t miss out—book your summer vacation in the Keys and join us at Main Attraction for an unforgettable fishing adventure. Call us at 305-289-0071 or visit our contact page for more information.

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