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When Life Throws You Wind and Rain: Make Memories!

Mother Nature threw a curveball at the Florida Keys the past few weeks! A giant moisture blob drenched most of the state, with some areas like Fort Lauderdale and Miami experiencing over 20 inches of rain and flooding. While the Keys dodged the worst downpours, travel disruptions caused headaches for our valued customers at Main Attraction. Despite the weather, we were fortunate to get trips out, even if not for the entire duration.

But that’s not all! This week, relentless easterly winds of 15-25 mph have kept things choppy, making for a challenging fishing environment. However, as you’ll see, even in the face of these obstacles, the Main Attraction team has been dedicated to creating unforgettable fishing memories for our guests!

Summer Charters in the Florida Keys

Despite unusually windy conditions for the summertime, we have been able to save trips and catch fish!

Making the Most of a Bumpy Ride

At Main Attraction, we pride ourselves on getting our customers on the water whenever possible, safety permitting. Earlier in the week, with strong easterly winds causing choppy seas, Katie contacted repeat customers, the Porterfield family, who were originally booked on our 32′ center console. Knowing their love for fishing and adventurous spirit, she suggested upgrading to a larger boat to handle the conditions. When they asked if it was possible to head offshore, as they were all very sea-worthy, Captain Marty did his best and managed to help them secure Blackfin Tuna and Dolphinfish (Mahi).

The Porterfields have been loyal clients for years, and we’ve enjoyed watching their son, Eli, grow up. Eli loves to fish and is a dedicated Main Attraction fan, always wearing our fishing hats. Despite their years visiting the Keys, Eli had never caught a Blackfin Tuna before. Everyone was thrilled to help him cross that fish off his bucket list!

Summer fishing charter catch

The Porterfield family taking a photo with their well-earned offshore catch for the day.

Inshore Fishing on a Windy Evening

Another example of our commitment to flexibility at Main Attraction is a recent Tarpon trip with the Stamatis family. While their primary goal was catching a Tarpon, one member was particularly interested in encountering a shark. With strong winds limiting options, Captain James and First Mate Alex, known for their expert Tarpon scouting, put their skills to work. Staying closer to shore and using information from recent trips, they caught a Barracuda and hooked into a large Tarpon less than 30 minutes into their charter. Their evening charter was a success, ending the night catching 2 out of 3 Tarpon, a Barracuda, and a Nurse Shark, which was a highlight of the evening for one of the ladies.

Tarpon Fishing Charter

The Stamatis with one of the Tarpons they caught on a windy evening.

Smiles All Around, Even in Choppy Seas

Sometimes, the best adventures are unplanned. When the Darling family booked a “kids’ trip” with Main Attraction, Katie was initially apprehensive due to the wind. However, after discussing the options and the lack of improvement in the forecast, they decided to give it a shot. Despite the choppy water, the kids had a blast, catching over 20 Yellowtail in just two hours! They returned to the marina with big smiles and a cooler full of fish, proving that a positive attitude can make all the difference.

Yellowtail Fishing Charter

The Darling family is all smiles after a windy Yellowtail fishing trip!

Why Choose Main Attraction?

With many charters in the Florida Keys, choosing the right one can be tough. At Main Attraction, we understand that weather forecasts aren’t always accurate. That’s why we’re a company that’s willing to “play it by ear” when safe conditions allow. Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our customers, creating memories that will make you want to return and recommend Main Attraction to your friends and family.

Years of experience and dedication to our customers have allowed Main Attraction, a family business, to survive and thrive despite hurricanes and a pandemic!

Looking Forward

As of now, the current weather apps are predicting the wind to calm down, so let’s hope we start to see some actual summer weather patterns. If you will be visiting in July or August, make sure to give us a call at 305-289-0071 or visit our contact page. We’d love to be a part of your summer vacation and help make your next Florida Keys fishing adventure unforgettable!

Next 4 Days of Weather in Marathon Florida

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