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Costa Rica Big Game Fishing Charter

About a year ago, one of our repeat clients you all hear a lot about, Mark Busch, went to Costa Rica on an overnight FAD fishing trip. Costa Rica is well known for its Blue Marlin and Sailfish billfish. Other pelagic species, such as yellowfin tunas and mahi, are also available. The primary purpose of using fish aggregating devices (FAD) is to concentrate fish in a specific area, making it easier for fishermen to locate and catch them. This allows fishing vessels to reduce search time and fuel consumption, making fishing operations more efficient and potentially more sustainable.

Mark told Captain Marty how he had an absolute blast on his last trip, catching a bunch of Blue Marlin. Marty decided last month he would join Mark on his return trip. Marty contacted a few fishing buddies to see if they were interested, but the busy season in the Florida Keys caused scheduling conflicts for them. Marty approached his teenage son, Alex, with an exciting proposition – a trip to Costa Rica. Without any hesitation, Alex happily embraced the offer and agreed to go.

On Sunday, June 18, 2023 Marty and Alex tossed their duffle bags in the truck and headed to Miami Airport. The Lewis boys had a direct flight from Miami, FL to San Jose, Costa Rica. Once in San Jose, they met up with Mark, who flew down from Ohio. They all boarded a small plane to Quepos.

Once in Quepos, they settled in for their overnight stay in a villa at a local Marina. Resting would be essential to maximize their scheduled intense overnight charters aboard the Hooker, a 48′ G&S Boats Sport Fisherman.

Marty, Mark, and Alex fished out of this Marina in Quepos.

The Hooker was equipped with a few staterooms, showers, and a kitchen. Captain David, the owner of the vessel, was at the helm. Two very helpful mates would be aboard to help with fish landings and meal preparation. The boys had many delicious meals ahead of them, including Yellowfin Tuna sashimi, fresh fruit, Mahi, lasagna, hamburgers, and more!

The fishing vessel that would take them to the action.

Day One

On Monday, they loaded up and shoved off the dock around 3pm to start their all-night chug to their first fish-attracting device of the trip. A FAD is made by deploying floating objects fixed to underwater seamounts, creating an underwater refuge for various fish. The fish that congregate include bait-type fish, attracting much larger predators.

The boys snap a photo before heading off.

Captain David decided to chug to the furthest FAD first, in hopes no one would be there and that the fishing would be best. The following day, they woke up and began fishing, and within 30 minutes of getting baits in the water, they were hooked up to a blue marlin!

The first day had already been fantastic, yet even more excitement lay ahead. As the live baits were out, two blue marlins made a surprise appearance, and both took the bait! A Blue-Marlin double-header was a dream come true for Mark and Alex. The deck turned into a frenzy as they skillfully battled the two enormous blue marlins together. With the anglers’ expertise and a great crew’s support, they triumphantly caught and released both majestic fish legally.

Mark Busch enjoying a meal cooked by the crew aboard the Hooker.

Day Two

On day two, while roughly 180 miles offshore, the weather started to kick up and get rough. To ensure their safety and comfort, the crew decided to head a bit closer to home in search of calmer waters. Since they had already fished the furthest FAD, plenty of other options were available along their route. Trying to sleep amidst the rough night weather proved far from ideal, but the boys toughed it out and finished strong.

Blue Marlin Charter

Alex releasing one of many Blue Marlins they caught that day.

By the trip’s end, they had caught 12 of the 20 blue marlins they encountered. They also went 2 for 4 on Pacific sailfish and caught two Yellowfin Tuna they ate while at sea. Mark, Marty, and Alex fished from daylight to dark every day for three days straight.

The Hooker hanging their laundry high after a trip they would never forget.

After a long night of running, they arrived back at the marina dock at 3am and offloaded that morning. Mark, Marty, and Alex had a flight home to catch.

Despite the exhaustion from lack of sleep and long days fighting enormous billfish, everyone was riding high. Captain Marty felt lucky to have shared the trip of a lifetime with his teenage son and good friend. As children grow older, finding opportunities to spend time together becomes increasingly challenging, making this particular memory one that Marty will cherish.

Mark Busch is not just a long-time client of Main Attraction, he has become part of the Lewis family. Mark spends close to six months out of the year in the Florida Keys. When he does, he is often around the marina, fishing with the Main Attraction crew, and always willing to help the Main Attraction family in any way he can. To go on a fishing adventure with Mark, was equally as special for Marty.

Costa Rica Professional Anglers

From left to right, Captain David, Captain Marty, Mark, and Alex.

This is why we have such a passion and fondness for sportfishing at the Main Attraction. It is a great way to spend time with friends and family and make memories. Are you headed to the Florida Keys? Reach out and ask how we can help you make some memories of your own. Call us at (305)-289-0071 or visit our contact page.

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