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Lobster Season 2023 Monroe County, Florida Keys

Last month kicked off Florida's 2023 Lobster sport season. Down here in the Keys we call it "Mini Season". Thousands of visitors get out on the water for two days to catch as much lobster as they are legally allowed before the regular season begins. It is an opportunity for recreational enthusiasts to catch lobster before commercial boats put their traps in the water. Over the years, the locals have witnessed some pretty wild things on the water during these two days. The massive influx of amateur boaters on the water can be dangerous if you aren't paying [...]

August 18th, 2023|Categories: Florida Spiny Lobster|

Main Attraction Vacation Break – Fishing Report Fall 2021

What do fishermen do on their time off? Why we fish, of course! Our crew worked hard this past summer, and we thought everyone could use a couple of weeks off to relax, fish, and spend time with their families before the holiday rush begins. It was a fantastic past two weeks, and for the most part, the weather was sunny and warm. Once Hurricane Ida passed below the Florida Keys and headed for New Orleans, it left lots of floating debris in the ocean, which is never bad for Mahi fishing. Natalie poses [...]

Lobster Mini Season 2021 Monroe County, Florida Keys

This summer has been incredibly busy for the Main Attraction Sportfishing fleet, and as summer is winding down, that means once again it is time for Mini Lobster Season. Mini-season is so much fun that we no longer offer lobster charters at Main Attraction during this event, allowing us to take some time off and catch lobster with our friends and family instead! Thousands come to Keys from near and far to participate in the two-day recreational mini lobster season. This sport season allows anyone the opportunity to catch lobster before the commercial traps go into [...]

August 9th, 2021|Categories: Florida Spiny Lobster|

Lobster Mini Season 2020 Monroe County, Florida Keys

Lobster Mini Season 2020 Monroe County, Florida Keys It is that time of the year again, Mini Lobster Season! For those who aren’t familiar with the recreational sport season, Mini lobster always takes place on the last Wednesday and Thursday of July. This is a two-day recreational sport season that allows everyday people to go out and catch their lobster limit before many thousands of commercial lobster traps go into the water. Throughout Florida people are allowed to catch 12 lobsters per person, however, in Monroe County, only 6 lobsters are allowed per person. Either way, you must [...]

July 31st, 2020|Categories: Florida Spiny Lobster|

Lobster Mini Season 2019 – Monroe County – FL Keys

Lobster Mini Season 2019 - Monroe County - FL Keys Mini Lobster Season in the Florida Keys, is one of the busiest times of the year. Mini Lobster Season is an annual event that falls on the last Wednesday and Thursday of July, bringing thousands of people to Monroe County.  For 2019, that means on July 24th and 25th, properly licensed recreational individuals can hunt Spiny Lobster before thousands of commercial lobster traps are deployed on August 6th. Most vacation rentals start on the Saturday prior, so the locals start to feel the congestion the weekend before. Although [...]