Florida Keys Yellowtail Snapper Piccata Recipe

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This recipe contains two components your fried fish and then the sauce poured over it.  We recommend that you make your sauce first so when the fish is done you can put the sauce over it and serve right away. You can really prepare the fish however you like, Yellowtail Snapper is delicious grilled, fried or sauteed. […]

Florida Keys Fish Dip Recipe

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  1. 3-4 Cups Shredded Smoked Fish
  2. (1) 8 oz. Block of Softened Cream Cheese
  3. (1) 15 oz. Small Jar of Light Mayo (about 2 cups)
  4. 3 Tbsp of Lemon Juice
  5. 3 Tbsp each of Diced Onion, Bell Pepper, Celery
  6. 1-2 Tbsp Minced Garlic
  7. Salt and Pepper to Taste
  8. “Yanks” are allowed to use a ¼ teaspoon […]