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2022 Marathon Premier Sailfish Tournament

2022 Marathon Premier Sailfish Tournament Last weekend was one for the books! The 1st Annual Marathon Premier Sailfish Tournament was held in Marathon, Florida Keys. This non-profit organization was established by Main Attraction co-owner, Katie Lewis. The tournament aims to showcase local talent, bring a much-needed sailfish tournament to Marathon, and raise money for a fantastic cause. This year’s charity of choice was Mission Fishin, a south Florida-based charity that helps special needs children and their families get out on the water and fish, take boat rides, and eco-tours.  All four of Main Attraction’s vessels were [...]

Springtime Wreck Fishing in the Florida Keys

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, no it's not Christmas, it's springtime in the Florida Keys!  Florida Keys springtime fishing offers a wide variety of species to be caught, along with an equally diverse set of fishing conditions. This time of year we aren’t typically fishing as far from land as we do later on in the year. When it comes to fishing in the Spring, less travel time means longer fishing time! While Yellowtail Snapper are delicious to eat and can still be found on the Reef in the springtime, many of our customers [...]

Meet The Crew 2021-Part 2

For our second installment of this year's Meet The Crew series, we are focusing on our First Mates. While our Captains’ primary roles are maintaining our vessels, keeping them fueled up, and finding fish for our customers to catch, our Mates have equally important roles to fill. Our Mates' responsibilities include keeping the vessels clean, maintaining fishing gear, managing tackle inventory, as well as assisting the customers in catching and boating fish. And as always at Main Attraction, ALL crew members catch live-bait! Lance Doire – First Mate Main One Lance Doire is the first mate for Captain [...]

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Florida Keys Family Vacation Fishing Charters – July 2020 Report

Florida Keys Family Vacation Fishing Charters - July 2020 Report Fishing is a great way to include the whole family and have some good wholesome fun! What is more beautiful than a sunny day out on the water breathing in the fresh sea air? At Main Attraction Charters we enjoy seeing young children discover their passion for fishing. It is very easy to get caught up in hunting for monster fish, breaking records, and winning tournaments. But all it takes is seeing a child catch their first fish, seeing their face beaming with joy and pride to remember [...]

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The “Secret” to Successful Florida Keys Charter Fishing

The “Secret” to Successful Florida Keys Charter Fishing Many clients are envious of our Captains and Mates. They say things like, “you are so lucky you get to fish all year round!” They are not wrong, of course, our crew members love to fish. However, most people don’t get to see all of the work behind the scenes that is required to consistently produce fish for our clients. A successful charter fishing fleet entails so much more than fishing daily. While our past article The “Secret” to Winning Florida Keys Sailfish Tournaments focused on the preparation required for high [...]

Mission Fishin Update

Mission Fishin Update On Saturday September 7, 2019 The Main Attraction Fleet hosted an amazing organization out of Broward County called Mission Fishin. Mission Fishin is run by Tony Davis and several other generous partners. Tony’s youngest son is wheelchair bound and after taking him fishing one time, he saw the excitement on his face and wanted every child who faced challenges to have that same feeling of joy. Mission fishin is an organization that gets kids with special needs, disabilities, foster children, or a child who has gone through a hard time (ie. Such as losing a parent), [...]

Repeat Client Swordfish Charter – Florida Keys

Repeat Client Swordfish Charter - Florida Keys Main Attraction has been operating in the Florida Keys since 1992. Over the years, we have had the pleasure to meet and fish some pretty amazing individuals and families. Recently, we had one of our repeat clients, Jay Williams, organized a three day fishing adventure with his buddies, Joe, Joey, Geoffrey, Daniel, and Elzie. Fishing is a way to get all age groups together that share a common passion for the ocean! The guys ranged in age from 37 years old to 77 years old. Each charter had a [...]

The “Secret” to Winning Florida Keys Sailfish Tournaments

The "Secret" to Winning Florida Keys Sailfish Tournaments Sailfish Tournaments are held in the Florida Keys between November and April when Sailfish are most plentiful. While the Main Attraction promotes a sense of comradery and teamwork among its crew there is a friendly competition that exists between boats for the best catches on a daily basis. This passion for putting together great catches and spirit of competitiveness is why the Main Attraction team enjoys tournament fishing so much. The idea of the best charter boats in the Keys putting their skills to the test for the top title [...]

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2019 Sailfish Season Approaches

2019 Sailfish Season Approaches As “winter” approaches in the Florida Keys, many enthusiastic anglers know Sailfish season is upon us. After a record-smashing Sailfish season last year, the Main Attraction Charter Fishing Team is excited to see what this year brings. The majority of Sailfish tournaments in the Florida Keys are held between November and April, the typical windy months. The Main Attraction Fishing team primarily uses two methods to catch sailfish, sight fishing, and kite fishing. When the gulf stream pushes in closer to inshore waters it creates a sort of highway for Sailfish. As the Sailfish travel [...]

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Florida Keys Mahi fishing in November!

Florida Keys Mahi fishing in November! Every year, many Floridians travel to the Florida Keys to fill their freezer with Dolphinfish (a.k.a. Mahi Mahi) filets. Because of this, we often get asked what are the best months to catch large quantities of Dolphinfish. As a fishing charter fleet, that fishes 300+ days a year, we typically advise our customers that April through August are typically the best time to produce large catches of Dolphinfish. However, this year we are still seeing Mahi well into November. This past November 13th, 2018, Captain Marty Lewis and first mate Dylan Johnson caught [...]

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