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Two-Day Florida Keys Fishing Charter Camp

Main Attraction is happy to announce our new Fishing Camp program! Scheduled for February 7th and 8th, 2020 is our Two-Day Billfish Camp. This program is for clients that want to learn first-hand about the techniques we utilize for catching Sailfish and Swordfish. Get as involved as you would like to be! Want to learn how to rig baits? Learn how to operate the kite fishing reel? Our two-day billfish camp is designed to not only catch fish but to educate you and give you a more hands-on experience. Tickets will be sold on an individual basis and include two days of fishing and hands-on deck-experience, meals, drinks, and a Main Attraction swag bag that includes a shirt, hat, and other goodies.

Sailfish Flags

For this two-day day Billfish Camp you will target Sailfish or Swordfish (hopefully both) depending on weather conditions. The Captains will be Captain Marty Lewis and Captain Shelby Bentley, both raised in the Keys with a combined fishing experience of over 40+ years of local knowledge. We will place up to a maximum of 6 people on each of the two boats, the Main One and the Main Attraction. Main Attraction will determine which participants fish on which boat and with which Captain.


The cost for this two-day experience is $1,000 per person with a 50% deposit upfront at the time of booking. A minimum of 4 participants is required for a boat to go out. If the minimum is not met or the trip is canceled due to weather conditions your deposit will be returned in full. If you cancel with less than 7 days notice you forfeit your deposit.

Gratuity is not included so please remember to tip your Captain and Mate as you would on any other charter, this is how they earn their living.

If you have a history of seasickness you should not participate. We suggest participants take seasickness meds the night before and the morning of (but of course always consult your physician). Swordfishing takes the boats very far offshore and if you get seasick you will have to stick it out, we will not return until the trip is complete.


Soda and Water will be provided throughout the two fishing trips. If you have any food allergies please make us aware in advance as a third party will be preparing refreshments and they will need to be notified well in advance. Breakfast will be made available on the boat right before or as it leaves the dock. It will be an assorted breakfast of standard items that may include breakfast sandwiches, bagels, donuts, coffee, etc. During each trip a box style lunch will be provided that will include standard lunch items such as a sandwich, chips, etc. There will be dinner on one of the two nights but that will be determined by weather conditions. For instance, if you Swordfish on day 1 and spend 10 hours on the boat dinner will probably occur on the second night to allow you to get rest for the next day.


Each boat’s catch will be a team effort. Any meat harvested will be split evenly among the anglers of each individual boat and some may even be used for the included dinner. Sailfish will be catch and release only. Swordfish and other species caught will only be harvested if they meet legal requirements.

All food items that will be provided are subject to change depending on the company providing them.


Boats are scheduled to leave at 8 am each morning. Each trip will last anywhere from 7-10 hours depending on what species are being targeted which will be determined by weather conditions. Fishing is unpredictable so please make sure you have a fluid schedule over the two days so you can go with the flow. The event will be well organized but the schedule must be flexible to provide participants with the best experience.

Lodging is not included in this two day experience, so please arrange travel and stay accordingly. Call us at (305) 289-0071 or contact us for more details.

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