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Florida Keys Fish Mounts and Taxidermy

If you enjoy fishing as much as we do here in the Florida Keys, you most likely have a fishing bucket list, compiled of different species you would like to catch over time. Many adventurers not only enjoy being on the water, but they enjoy crossing off those species to accomplish goals. And every species they catch, tells a different story.

Main Attraction owners Marty and Katie Lewis both grew up in South Florida passionate about fishing. Katie developed a love of fishing, hunting, and being outdoors at a very young age. She was raised to learn that you kept fish for food and because you were proud of your catch. As she would check the species off her bucket list, she would also mount the fish and add to her collection. When Captain Marty and Katie started dating, they both had quite the collection of fish mounts, and each mount told a story. Since they got married, they have continued to mount special fish that they have caught together.

FL Keys Sailfish

Main Attraction Sportfishing Charters works very closely with Gray Taxidermy to help clients have the lasting memory of their special fish, but not every fish has to be 100+ pounds to create that memory. For a new angler, their first yellowtail snapper is a wonderful mount to add to their wall, to start their trophy room. An angler’s first schoolie Mahi also makes for a beautiful mount that can be added to in the future.

FL Keys Dolphinfish

When you book your charter, start thinking about where you would put that mount when you catch your bucket list fish. Hopefully, you catch the intended species and when you do, not only are you welcome to take photos with it, but we will measure it and get the paperwork started, so you have the memory immortalized. And by the way, we do not have to kill the fish to make a mount! Advances in technology over the years has allowed Gray Taxidermy to craft mounts based on your measurements to recreate your fish, allowing you to release it if necessary. This comes into play for sportfish such as Sailfish or a species that might be out of season.


Gray taxidermy uses fiberglass mounts that last a lifetime. They offer all types of sizes and variations, from full-body, shoulder mounts, tails, underwater scenes etc. Last year, Captain Marty caught his biggest swordfish on Main One (the newest addition to the fleet). Katie wanted to make a lasting memory of such a great fish, so she decided to chat with her Gray rep and see what options they had. Katie and Marty have the traditional low ceiling Keys Style house so a full-body mount was not an option. After looking over different designs, she selected the shoulder swordfish mount and boy was that incredible. It was a Christmas surprise and Captain Marty was shocked. It now holds a special place on their wall and is a talking point whenever anyone enters the room.

Prior to getting married, Captain Marty and Katie fished a summertime Dolphinfish tournament where. Katie won the “largest Dolphin” category with a 37 lb Mahi. While some women enjoy jewelry, this mount meant the world to Katie! She found it sweet and thoughtful that Captain Marty had that fish mounted because it symbolized more than a tournament win, but also the start of their relationship. They also have a Rooster Fish that they had mounted from their honeymoon in Costa Rica. Marty and Katie now have close to a dozen fish mounts spread throughout their home, between fish they caught individually, together and now their kids are adding to the collection!

If you are interested in fishing with the Main Attraction sportfishing team and creating some lasting memories of your own, give us a ring at 305-289-0071 or visit our contact page.

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