In the past week, we have had some fun fishing charters, which is great news for the month of September! Typically, September is slow, not because of the fishing, but because families aren’t traveling as much, due to the kids going back to school. But lately the fishing has been great in Marathon.

Dolphin fish, which are also known as Mahi or Dorado, are still here in the Florida Keys. Captain Marty and Shelby have reported the fish to be anywhere between 15-21 miles offshore, which is about 600-800 feet deep. With the recent tropical depressions, storms, and hurricanes, there is a lot of debris in the water that is housing bait fish which Mahi love to congregate around. Floaters such as big barrels, logs, and other miscellaneous material keep the fish together in their schools. Often times with floaters, you find Tripletail, which are amazing to eat since they have a mild flavor and flaky white meat.

Captain Marty reported last week that scattered weeds were also housing “gaffers’, which are fish large enough to gaff (8-10 pound Mahi) and some of those larger Mahi showed up again today. We also had a successful trip 2 days ago that went to the Hump (Tuna fishing grounds).  Live bait has started to show up again on our pre-charter bait runs which is great news. Having lots of live bait in our wells means we can target the BIG Blackfin Tuna on the Hump.   If you are going to be in the Florida Keys this fall give us a call at 305-289-0071 and we will gladly take you and your party fishing!