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Florida Keys Fishing Report – End of 2020

Finally, 2020 has come to an end and we are thrilled! We just finished two very busy weeks here in the Florida Keys including Christmas week; the busiest week of the year.

To be proactive before the nonstop week of fishing, we installed two brand new motors on one of our most popular vessels, the Main Attraction. Unfortunately, within two days of running them, one of our shiny new motors had a major internal failure and was found to be unrepairable.

We worked very hard to rearrange trips on our four other vessels and get people on the water during such an important week. Fortunately for us, our clients were very understanding and had amazing attitudes about it.

We were also dealt with some very windy weather, causing us to cancel an entire day, as we deemed the forecast unsafe to fish in.

With all that behind us, the Main Attraction crew and family would like to thank each and everyone who came to the Florida Keys this past year and fished with us. We all had a very challenging year, but we were still able to meet some awesome people and reconnect with our repeat clients.

Although the Florida Keys were shut down for several months due to COVID-19, we still managed to fish 700 charters in 2020 which is pretty amazing!

Keys Kingfish

The Harms Family

There were a few days of slow fishing over the past two weeks but besides those few unlucky days, the fishing overall has been very good. As mentioned, we were stacked full of charters, so all of our Captains and Mates had two trips a day.

We had the Harms family fish with us for two days with high hopes for some wintertime Sailfish. On the first trip they fished, both sons got their first Sailfish! It was a pretty exciting experience for everyone on board.

Mid-week, they fished again with Captain Aaron and first mate Cole and caught another Sailfish, along with some Yellowtail Snapper for a delicious dinner. They left a glowing review on how great both trips were and how they would be back to visit in the future. We love knowing their family memories now include our own Main Attraction Family!

The Wilts Family showing off some of their catch.

The Wilts Family

The Wilts Family had so many avid anglers that wanted to fish, they needed two vessels.

They ended up catching some big Black Groupers, a huge smoker sized Kingfish and some Yellowtail snapper on their morning charters.

When they arrived back at the dock, they were amazed at how much meat they received from all the fish they caught and were excited for their fresh fish meals to come.

First mate Cole holding the Curry’s Black Groupers

The Curry Family

We also fished another large group, the Curry Family, who booked two boats for a morning. They fished on the Main One and Main Attraction V.

It was a pretty windy day so the boats stayed closer to the reef. Main One focused on Mangrove Snapper and did very well.

Main Attraction V tried for some Grouper near the edge of the reef trolling some lures. Sure enough they scored  two nice large Black Groupers along with a variety of other edible fish.

The Curry family was quite fortunate to catch these as it was just 2 days before Grouper season closed until May 2021. They were so happy and excited about their catch they decided to get a fiberglass replica mount of one of the Groupers to put on their wall!

Keeping The Kids Involved

We’ve had some awesome catches ranging from Sailfish, Yellowtail Snapper, Mutton Snapper, Black grouper, Wahoo, Kingfish, and Sharks!

We met some great family’s these past two weeks and made sure to get the first-time kiddos involved and excited about fishing.

The Ruthven family had two young girls who never fished before and on their first outing caught a nice Mutton Snapper.

The Ruthven Girls catching Mutton Snapper.

Another charter had a young girl named Greta and all she wanted to catch was a shark, so we caught her a large nurse shark and she was thrilled.

Greta and her Nurse Shark!

Looking Ahead

Despite all of the challenges we faced over the past few weeks and the past year, we consider ourselves lucky to have such wonderful, understanding customers with great attitudes when it comes to fishing and dealing with the weather! We consider December a success as we tried our best to fit everyone in as best as possible and make their time on the water an enjoyable experience. We can’t thank you all enough for visiting Main Attraction over the holidays and we wish you all a Happy and Successful new year!

We are excited for 2021 and the new people we will meet along the way, the fish that we catch with the them, all while dealing with whatever challenges mother nature has in store for us. If you wish to share an adventure with us on the ocean, call us at (305)-289-0071 or visit our contact page to make that wish come true!

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