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Published On: April 27th, 2019Last Updated: March 24th, 20221.9 min read

Florida Keys Grouper Sandwich Recipe

This recipe contains two components your Grouper Sandwich and the homemade tartar sauce.  We recommend that you make your tartar sauce first so when the fish is done you can put the sauce over it and serve right away. You can really prepare the fish however you like, Grouper is delicious grilled, fried or sauteed. If you are frying you can use flour, bread crumbs, cornmeal or batter depending on your taste and what you have on hand.

Homemade Tartar Sauce Recipe
1 cup Mayonnaise
1 cup finely chopped dill pickles
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp sugar
1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper.
1 TBSP fresh dill, OR 1 TBSP finely chopped fresh parsley.
2 Tbsp finely chopped onion (optional).

Mix all ingredients in bowl and refrigerate before serving. If you refrigerate for an hour before use, the consistency holds up better when placed on the warm Grouper fillet.

Fried Grouper Sandwich

2lbs  Grouper Filets cut to size of bread (Strip or square)
2 or 3 eggs mixed in a bowl
3-4 cups of preferred fried fish coating
Canola Oil (I use canola oil but any oil will work)
Bread Rolls


1. Heat your oil in a pan to a good frying temperature. You can shallow fry if you prefer when using breadcrumbs, flour or cornmeal but you should consider deep frying in a pot if you are using a wet batter.

2. Dip your Grouper filets in the egg wash and dust both sides with flour or bread crumbs or cornmeal or you can coat with a batter instead. A simple and very delicious Tempura Batter is 2 Cups Soda or Seltzer Water and 2 Cups Flour mixed together. An easy and tasty Beer Batter would be  2 Cups of Beer and 2 Cups of Flour mixed together. For a light airy batter let it sit in a bowl under a tea towel for 30 minutes before coating fish.

3. Once your Fish is coated, fry to desired crispiness. The longer you keep it in the oil, the crispier it becomes. The temperature you typically want is where the fish inside is cooked and the coating outside is crispy and golden brown.

4. If you like crispy bread toast Bread Rolls in the oven or on the grill.

5. Build sandwiches with Bread Roll, Grouper Filet, Lettuce, Tomato, and homemade Tartar Sauce. Enjoy!

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