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Florida Keys Reef & Wreck – May 2023 Fishing Report – Birthday Edition

Katie and her friends celebrating her birthday.

The summertime season is just around the corner, and soon we’ll be running charters nonstop until the fall. Believe it or not, on our days off, we like to fish, which we call fun-fishing. While we love our jobs, the difference between charters and fun-fishing is that their is no pressure to produce fish. This lets us cut loose, have a beer, and be a little sillier than we might be with a client onboard.

Every year on Cinco de Mayo, Main Attraction co-owner  Katie Lewis goes fun fishing with her husband, Captain Marty Lewis, to celebrate her birthday.

This year’s theme was a bit like “Moms gone wild .”Katie invited several Marathon Moms, who got their husbands to babysit so they could fish! It was clear right from the start that whether or not the fish would bite, these ladies would have a blast. They showed up on the dock with various food platters, jello shots, beer, and great attitudes to celebrate with the birthday girl.

The girls heading out on a beautiful day.

The weather was lovely. The seas were calm, a light breeze, and the sun was shining bright. Captain Marty had been offshore the day before, and it was pretty slow with similar conditions. Captain Marty suggested the ladies try wreck fishing for Permit and reef fishing Snapper and Grouper.

Katie Lewis and Elise Mucha.

Their first stop was on a wreck that they refer to as the old bridge rubble. During the spring and summer, this pile of debris forms a structure that holds schools of spawning Permit. When they first pulled up to the wreck, the Permit seemed a bit spooked, most likely due to some divers in the area.

Captain Marty instructed his mate to pitch a live crab when he saw the yellow flashes from the permit bellies. After a few tries, they got a Permit hooked up, and it was game on for Amy, who was up first. She started fighting the Permit and was amazed at how hard the fish tugged. It took about 10 minutes to get the rubber-mouthed creature to the boat. They carefully netted the Permit, took a quick photo, and taught Amy how to release her fish. The Permit swam off, ensuring it would live to fight another day.

Katie Lewis

Katie holds up a Jack caught aboard the Main One on May 5th, 2023.

Shortly after that, they anchored up on the reef. While Captain Marty was getting the fish chummed up and comfortable. The ladies thought it would be appropriate for some celebratory jello shots; mind you, it was maybe 9 am, not something Moms get to do! The ladies had a great time; Captain Marty and first mate James had their hands full that day! The ladies were only catching small Yellowtail Snapper, so they decided to move.

Celebratory Jello Shots!

Once anchored on the next spot, they started catching decent keeper-sized Yellowtail Snapper. While the girls took turns, the crew got two Grouper rods out. Elisa Mucha watched the rod intently, knowing it was a matter of time before she got bit, and sure enough the rod doubled over. Elise wound on the reel as hard as she could to make sure the Grouper wouldn’t break the line off on the rocks.  Elise won the battle and the Grouper was hers.

Elise holds up the beautiful Black Grouper she caught.

After a a day of laughter, jokes, and girl gossip, they had plenty of Snapper and two Black Groupers in the boat to head home. In addition to the Permit the girls also caught several large Barracuda, and had a huge toothy kingfish cut off a line on them right at the boat.

On the way in, they tried some Mutton Snapper spots, which didn’t bear fruit. The ladies surprised Katie with a beautiful birthday cake they snuck aboard. Everyone began to sing “Happy Birthday” and distribute the cake to the crew. What a wonderful day spent with some fantastic Moms that deserve a day off.

Katie and her Birthday Cake.

If you want to go fishing, celebrate a birthday, or even a wedding on the water, call us at (305)-289-0071 or visit our contact page.

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