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Florida Keys Sailfish – Fishing Report 4-17-2019

This past week has been very exciting if you’ve always wanted to catch a Sailfish. Starting last Friday, April 12th, the wind started blowing out of the East, anywhere from 10-20 mph. There has also been a light east current. With this condition change, our fleet immediately began to target Sailfish.

Our Captains and Mates on all 4 boats have caught and released a total of 98 sailfish in the last 5 days! The top single day Sailfish catches of the week were Captain Marty Lewis and Mate Digger Rodamer with an amazing 24 on April 16th, 17 on April 13th, and 11 on April 12th. Captain Shelby Bentley and Digger also caught 18 on Sunday, April 14th. Captain Shelby and Mate Dylan Johnson also caught 9 on a single trip on Friday the 12th.

We are proud of all of our Captains and Mates for being able to identify condition changes and deliver such awesome results for our clientele. It is important to note all of these trips were FULL DAYS and results vary greatly depending on the conditions on the day your trip is booked. No matter what the conditions are, our Captains and Mates are experienced at identifying the situation and suggesting the best course of action based on their experience.

Sailfish 2019

For instance, with the reduced wind and current, our Captains knew this keeps the Sailfish further down in the water column. Which is why the majority of these Sailfish have been caught on kites in depths of 110 to 150’ in the blue water.

Yesterday, however, that changed and it was back to sight-fishing as the conditions indicated the Sailfish will be swimming closer to the surface and can be found visually from the tower and pitched to from the deck. Our crew’s ability to identify these changes is what helps them to produce fish consistently. As we mentioned in one of our previous blog articles , fresh live bait is also key.

Our crew leave the dock at daybreak to ensure every boat has live bait and plenty of it. On the kite, we have been using live pilchards and making sure to switch out the baits often to ensure they are lively and attractive. A weak bait is not appealing to a Sailfish! If you wish to book an offshore trip with the Main Attraction team and try your luck for a Sailfish contact us right away at 305-289-0071!

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