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Florida Keys Spring Fishing Report – April 2024

What a rollercoaster of a week it’s been! Last weekend, our plans took a hit as we had to call off a charter due to relentless rain and strong winds. Unfortunately, our client was only in town for those days when the weather turned sour. The ocean resembled a frothy milkshake, with menacing storms unleashing thunder and lightning. When weather-bound, most of the crew usually heads home for some extra rest. However, Captain Marty Lewis saw an opportunity amidst the setback. He decided to tackle some overdue boat maintenance and replenish our tackle inventory at Cudjoe Sales Fishermen’s Warehouse.


When the skies finally cleared, Captain Marty had a hunch about the Sailfish. He ventured out on Sunday and managed to hook a few, anticipating the prime conditions as the current edge edged closer to Marathon, signaling the onset of tailing conditions. Monday brought in repeat customers, The Frahm family, who were up for any adventure.

Now, when I mention Sailfish and tailing conditions, picture rough waters with waves crashing, stirred up by relentless winds—a playground for Sailfish. The Main One team wrapped up the day with 9 Sailfish releases, leaving our clients ecstatic, albeit a bit queasy for some. Back at the marina, Captain Marty enthusiastically phoned his wife, Katie, hoping for a spontaneous fishing trip. But with prior commitments with the kids, Katie had to pass.


By Tuesday, Sailfish conditions were beginning to ease, but our charters still had opportunities. Captain Steve and first mate Christian took charge of the Main Attraction, hosting Nicholas Starr and his crew for a full day. Their goal? To reel in some Sailfish. They spent the entire day kite fishing, ultimately releasing three prized catches.

Meanwhile, Captain Marty juggled double trips, each resulting in a Sailfish release and a thrilling encounter with springtime Permit, armed with a stash of crabs knowing it’s their spawning season, luring them towards the wrecks.

Permit Charter

As the week progressed, the winds subsided slightly. Captain Marty seized the opportunity to take the Hurwitz family, including two eager kids, for an afternoon ¾ day trip. Starting with some hefty catches to kick off the day, including Permit, they later shifted to reef fishing, engaging in the excitement of reeling in several yellowtail snappers for dinner. To cap off their memorable day, the Hurwitz family experienced a double hook-up with two Sailfish and even landed a Blackfin tuna, making for an unforgettable trip amidst calmer seas.


Despite the sporty weather early in the week, things have taken a turn for the better. Captain Marty even managed to take Steve Anderson out for a Tarpon fishing expedition, which resulted in a successful catch on the only bite they got. It is still early but, Tarpon Season should be heating up in the coming weeks.

In the near future, we have the Marathon Premier Sailfish Tournament next week, and so far the weather report looks good. We will update you on how it goes! Main Attraction Co-Owner Katie Lewis founded the tournament, and it raises money for a wonderful cause named Mission Fishin’. Mission Fishin’ takes children and their families on the water for cost-free excursions and is now working locally right here in Marathon with our public schools. If you are curious what these outings are like, Main Attraction took a Mission Fishin’ group out on their vessels earlier this year.

If you have any questions or inquiries, call us at 305-289-0071 or visit our contact page.

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