Most people are primarily driven by price when comparing one fishing charter company to another. We do understand charter fishing is not cheap and prices matter. However, when comparing your options there are different aspects you should investigate when determining value. Look at the type of vessels each company is running, the size of the vessel, and what type/size engines are they running, and how many engines are in/on the vessel. Bigger vessels and more engines mean more fuel being burnt. Bigger vessels typically mean more comfort and can handle the seas better when seas are choppy.

Do your homework before booking a trip! Look at the reviews on Google and TripAdvisor and make sure the company you choose is fishing often and providing a fantastic level of customer service. Visit their social media pages and look at what they are catching and how frequently they are providing updates. These are all good indicators of the level of commitment and quality of service you can expect.

Also, look at the fine print. Our charter fees include the price of fuel in them unless there is a large spike in cost (where we reserve the right to upcharge with advance notice). Many charters charge a charter fee PLUS fuel. Ask the questions before you book. Ask what is included in your charter fee. Ask the standard tipping rate for the captain and crew (20%). Look on the charter’s website for photos of the vessel you will be fishing on, or even stop by the dock if you can and check it out! Definitely ask the questions and do your homework so there are no surprises or disappointments. Or just book your Trip with The Main Attraction because we already meet all that criteria! We fish every charter to make your day on the water as memorable as possible.