This week in our “Meet The Crew” series we are featuring the crew of the Main Attraction 1 our flagship 43’ Vessel. Main Attraction 1 is run by Captain Marty Lewis. Originally from Immokalee, Marty moved to the Keys when he was 15 years old after his father decided to start a charter boat business. Marty’s love for fishing and the water started at a young age so naturally, he would mate for his father on the weekends and summertime when he was not in school.

Once Marty graduated from high school, he went to marine mechanics school, obtained a captains license, and began his fishing charter career. He has been with the Main Attraction Company for 20+ years and since his father retired in 2017, Marty has been running the business with his wife, Katie. Marty is well known and respected throughout the Keys for his ability to find fish, even on the tough days. When Marty is not charter fishing, he is usually fun fishing, spearfishing, or lobstering with his family.

The Main Attraction’s first mate, Digger, is well known for his fantastic fishing ability and his unforgettable name! When asked how he got his nickname, he replied, he was always digging in his mom’s flower pots as a young boy and the name “Digger” stuck. Just like Captain Marty, Digger was also interested in fishing at a young age. While Digger’s father would mate for a private boat at the Key Colony Beach dock, Digger would ride his bike to the dock and ride along on charters with the Main Attraction to gain experience. He started fishing with Marty when he was just 13 years old. Over time, Digger worked his way up and is now Marty’s lead mate. When Digger isn’t charter fishing, he is typically catching bait or fun fishing.

Bottom line, fishermen love what they do and love to catch fish, even on their days off! Marty and Diggers enthusiasm and passion for fishing has resulted in great success. Not only by consistently producing great catches for their clients on a daily basis but also by winning and placing in many fishing tournaments and breaking mind-blowing records such as the 61 sailfish they caught in one single day! If you wish to experience fishing with Captain Marty and his First Mate Digger give us a ring at (305) 289-0071.

Captain Marty Lewis

First Mate Digger Rodamer