On Saturday September 7, 2019 The Main Attraction Fleet hosted an amazing organization out of Broward County called Mission Fishin. Mission Fishin is run by Tony Davis and several other generous partners. Tony’s youngest son is wheelchair bound and after taking him fishing one time, he saw the excitement on his face and wanted every child who faced challenges to have that same feeling of joy.

Mission fishin is an organization that gets kids with special needs, disabilities, foster children, or a child who has gone through a hard time (ie. Such as losing a parent), and their siblings, on the water to fish and enjoy the marine atmosphere. For some children with disabilities, the motion of the boat and ocean is calming and soothing and helps relax them.

Main Attraction first found out about Mission Fishing a few months ago, when they went out of Islamorada, for a group trip. Main Attraction reached out and asked how we could help! After a few months of planning, we decided to donate all five of our vessels to host their fishing adventure. Five different families made the drive to Key Colony Beach, FL and got to experience what it’s like to fish in the Keys. The day was absolutely beautiful, flat calm seas, very hot (as it is in September), and the sun was shining.

All the boat food and beverages were provided by Elise Mucha, owner of Brutus Seafood. And when the family’s returned back to the dock, Causeway Pizza, owned by Tim Cook, (out of Key Colony Beach) hosted a pizza party for all the children. Huge thanks to both Brutus Seafood and Causeway Pizza and of course our Main Attraction crew!

Main Attraction absolutely loved being apart of the Mission Fishin organization, even if it was for one day. The smiles that the children and families had are unforgettable and what keeps us loving our jobs. If you would like to donate to this great cause or learn more about Mission Fishin visit: https://www.missionfishin.org/.