Wow! What a busy summer we have had in the Florida Keys. During the months of May, June, and July, our fleet completed over 300 fishing charters. With only a couple weeks left in August we wanted to take the time to thank everyone who visited us this Summer. We hope you had a positive fishing experience and plan to come back and fish with us again.

As the summer winds down and the kids go back to school, charter bookings start to slow down as well. Slowing down for us means we only have a couple boats going out daily instead of all of them. Many people think when the high season ends the fish go away but the offseason only exists because we get less visitors during these months not because there is less fish. Some clients actually prefer to fish the offseason as they like to avoid the congestion of the high-season.   In September and October there are much fewer boats out on the water to compete with and there is often still plenty of Mahi around to catch. Other offshore options for us in September and October are Tuna, Swordfish, Grouper, and Tilefish. We also fish the Reef and the Wrecks during these months.

The slowdown in visitors is a welcome thing for our crews as getting up early 7 days a week for months at a time, fishing all day in the summertime heat, cleaning fish and boats, and going back out again, can really wear on them. We will use the next few months to let our crews heal their bodies and repair our vessels. We rotate crew members and let them take some much-needed vacation time and visit with family during these months.  

The work isn’t over for us though! Throughout September and October, those not on vacation and those  not fishing get to spend time working in the boatyard to perform all the necessary boat maintenance and repairs. Our vessels get many nicks and chips on their finish from leads, hooks and gaffs  throughout the high season. This means that in our offseason, we do a lot of grinding, sanding, painting, and much needed cosmetic repairs. 

People often call up wondering why charter fishing is so expensive and we often explain to them the cost of upkeep and maintenance is one of the main reasons. Saltwater has a way of eroding expensive parts that have to be replaced often for the crew and our clients safety.  Plus all the necessary equipment, tackle, bait, gear, etc. Add to that the cost of fuel and housing boats in the yard and paying crews to repair and repaint our boats, it adds up fast. First-time boat owners are often in for a shock when they quickly realize the expense of  maintaining their boat! If you wish to inquire about offseason availability and which boats and crews are available while you are in the Florida Keys this fall, give us a call at 305-289-0071 or fill our contact form for more details.

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