If you have been following the Main Attraction Sportfishing Charters social media updates over the last two weeks, you may have noticed lots of photos of Permit being posted. Permit are typically caught in the Spring from mid-March through the end of May. Permit are spawning during this time period and are plentiful as they swim in schools in the vicinity of sunken wrecks. Permit are beautiful fish which we consider a sportfish during this time frame meaning we catch, photo, and release to allow them to spawn unhindered.

There are two recommended ways to catch Permit. The first being sight fishing which is the way we prefer. Our Captains look from their towers for a yellow stain in the water, or when the sun is out, the sunlight reflects off the permit and they look for their flashing silver bodies. Once they see the fish they point and call out the general direction to pitch the bait.

If conditions are not satisfactory for sight fishing, the second way we catch Permit, would be to drift the wreck up current. We use 40-pound leader, and 3/8 ounce jighead or a circle hook with a split shot. Small blue crabs are what we use for bait as Permit find them irresistible. Once you have a permit eat your bait all you have to do is wind. They have rubbery lips so you must fight the urge to set the hook! Permit fight hard, as most fish in the “Jack” family. Some compare them to fighting a Tarpon however, they do not jump nor do they grow to 200+lbs! Many confuse Permit, African Pompano, and Florida Pompano from each other due to their similar body shapes. Here is a link to an article we did a few years back showing the differences between them.

If catching a beautiful Florida Keys Permit is on your bucket list, give Main Attraction a call to book your charter right away!