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Take A Kid Fishing! Mission Fishin’ Event with Main Attraction

The five families along with Mission Fishin’, and Main Attraction Crews.

Main Attraction Charters fishes year-round; however, it is less hectic during our offseason, which allows us to take boats out of the water and perform maintenance and upgrades. This added schedule flexibility enables us to host various groups and events that might be trickier during the high season. On October 16th, we hosted a charitable organization called Mission Fishin’. For those unfamiliar with this fantastic group, Mission Fishin’ gives special needs children, foster children, and their families a chance to get on a boat, and participate in marine activities, including fishing and seeing marine wildlife. 

Mission Fishin is based out of South Florida. They travel down to the Florida Keys throughout the year with families depending on which charter companies volunteer their vessels for the organization. This year we hosted five incredible families comprised of twenty-one individuals. We had some returning families from two years ago, which was fun to see the same kids again and how much they had grown in just two years. 

Before the scheduled trips, the Mission Fishin’ director Tony Davis reached out to a Florida Keys special needs group to try and get some local participation, and we are glad they did! We got to meet two new local families from the Florida Keys this year and take them fishing, which was a treat. 

Yellowtail Snapper

Main Attraction Owners daughter Natalie poses with Mission Fishin’ Director’s son Josh and a nice big Yellow Tail Snapper.

The Main Attraction family and crew look forward to this fishing Mission Fishin’ trips every year. As a professional charter fisherman, you get to catch fish and meet interesting people year-round, but fishing with these families is especially enjoyable.

There is less pressure on the crew because no one gets on the boat with the expectation of catching this or that; the goal is simple, it is to have fun and enjoy the day! The children’s excitement, laughter, and joy is infectious; you can’t help but have a great time around them!

We used all four of our vessels to take the five families out. RJ Boyle, Tony Davis, and his family went out on the Main Attraction 2 for a reef trip. Tony’s son Josh loves to fish. Every time a fish came on board, Josh would let out such excitement, like it was his first fish ever, but we all know Josh is a pro! When you witness a child expressing such elation, it can really put in perspective what is most important in life!

Offshore Fishing

It was a beautiful day, and it was flat calm, so seasickness was not a factor. Considering how calm it was, the fishing was pretty decent. Between our four vessels, each family caught various species, including Yellowtail Snapper, Amberjack, Blackfin Tuna, and Dolphinfish (Mahi). One of our vessels even saw a pod of porpoises swimming, which made for an extraordinary spectacle! 

When the vessels arrived back at the marina, we took lots of photos and fileted the fish for the families to take back home.

Causeway Pizza, a Pizza place located next door to our docks, was generous enough to donate pizza and brownies for lunch.

Everyone had a great time, and we think this year’s gathering was a real success. 

Tony had brought some donated fishing rods and trophies for all the participating kids, adding an extra special touch to the day.

Being involved in these outings touched our co-owners Katie Lewis’ heart so much so in fact, she has recently launched a Non-Profit Sailfish Tournament right here in Marathon, Florida.

Katie will be donating proceeds of the first annual tournament to Mission Fishin’ to help them continue their excellent work! If anyone is interested in how they can participate with Mission Fishin in the future, visit

If you have questions for us at Main Attraction visit our contact page to reach us.

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