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What is included in the price of your charter?

With four charter vessels in daily operation, the Main Attraction runs over 1,000 charters a year! We get phone calls and emails every day from future customers inquiring about the different boats and what is included in their charter rate price. When you book a charter with Main Attraction, whether it is a 1/2, (4 hours), ¾ day (5.5 hours) or a full day (7 hours), the following is included in your charter price: the fishing license, rods/reels, live and dead bait, all the tackle, and the fuel.

As stated in our terms, we reserve the right to change your charter price if fuel prices shift significantly from when you booked. This is not a common occurrence, but it does happen. We also provide coolers with ice for your food and drink and separate fish boxes to ice your catch. The only items we ask you to bring is your food and drink, and any other personal items (ie. sunscreen, towel, hat, etc.) that would make your charter more comfortable.

We often get asked, “how does this charter thing work?” After you book your date with us, Main Attraction will call you the night before your charter and check in with you. We will make sure you know where our dock is located, remind you what to bring and give you the trip departure time. We will give you the weather forecast and if it might seem like the waves are going to be rocking the boat. We may also remind you to take seasick pills if medically permitted by your doctor. If seasickness is a concern be sure to read our article “The “Secret” To Not Getting Seasick On Your Fishing Trip!“.

You should meet your crew at the dock the next day precisely at the departure time, board the vessel, put your food and drink away in the coolers, and the Captain/Mate will run down the safety procedures with you and your group prior to leaving the dock. Once you leave the dock your fishing time goes into effect. Hopefully, you will catch a lot of fish and have an amazing time! Once you return back to port, the Captain and Mate will offload your catch and hang them up for photos.

The crew will fillet your catch and bag them up so you can transport them back to your home or hotel room. We generally allow our Captains to fillet up to a 5 Gallon bucket worth of fillets which is about 50lbs of meat! If you had an awesome day and caught tons of fish you are allowed to take the rest with you whole. Our crew members have to get their boats ready for their next trip after yours and we cannot have them spend hours fileting fish.

We also recommend re-bagging your catch using smaller portions and sturdier bags such as Ziploc freezer bags once you get it home. Always check your filets for bones and make sure your chef does to if you are taking your filets to a restaurant, we cannot be held liable for bones in fish as this a naturally occurring risk of eating fish that cannot be avoided!  If you have a long drive home, you might want to have a cooler with ice in your vehicle for the trip. There are also several places in town that will package and ship your fish home if you need that service. Just ask our crew and they will be happy to let you know where to get that done.

After the Captain and Mate have finished, they will ask for payment. We accept all types of credit card and we accept cash. Customers often ask what industry standard is for gratuity. Our crews pay is similarly structured to other service-based industries so think of your crew as waiters of the sea! 20% is customary but if you feel your captain or mate has gone above and beyond, feel free to show them in your tip.

We appreciate every first-time customer as well as our repeat business. We think of our customers as family and try to build lasting relationships with them. We love when people come back each year and visit us to retell their stories from their last fishing adventure with us. We love that we can be a part of your lasting memories!

If you wish to make some memories on the water with us give us a call at 305-289-0071 or fill our contact form.

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