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Family Fishing Charters in the Florida Keys

If you’re reading this article, we share a special bond – a profound love for fishing! At the Main Attraction, our enthusiasm for all things fishing is fueled by countless cherished memories forever etched into our lives.

Many of our valued clients have pointed out how lucky we are to fish for a living, and they’re right! While in past articles we have shed light on the less glamorous aspects of the job, such as the long hours and physically demanding work, we wouldn’t trade this life for anything.

People often ask us how we maintain our passion for fishing daily after so many years. For us, the answer is multifaceted.

One thing that keeps us interested is that every day is different. While it’s true we’ve hauled in nearly every fish imaginable, the circumstances surrounding those catches are ever-changing. Each day presents a unique challenge; we must decipher weather patterns and prevailing conditions to determine a worthy location to fish, the species to target, and the most suitable technique.


Another major factor in our unwavering passion for fishing is the people! We fish with different groups daily, including many families with kids. While our crews have nearly seen it all, we will never forget the thrill of our first Sailfish tail-walking across the water’s surface, the first time we landed a giant grouper, or when we first laid eyes on a massive shark thrashing behind the transom. The closest we can get to experiencing that delight again is to help others do the same!

When we see a kid catch their first fish, their joy and excitement is infectious; you can’t help but smile. Watching these young people make memories of their own reminds us how our passion for fishing is driven by the memory of these joyous moments in our own lives. So that is how we have fun!

We live vicariously through the eyes of the children as they experience the same exhilaration we had when we caught our first Sailfish or that big Mahi with Dad.


Main Attraction is no stranger to family fishing adventures, as our charter operation started in the early 90’s. With one of the longest-standing charter operations in Marathon, we have helped thousands of families make their own fond memories throughout the years. Throughout this process we have built some incredible relationships along the way.

Whenever we meet a new family, it is an opportunity for us to forge a new relationship. Our primary goal is that the Family have a safe trip and a great time. Because of this approach, many clients return yearly or whenever they vacation in the Keys. We have seen the children of these families grow up over the years, which is special.

Recently, we had the pleasure of fishing with the Huss family, who are repeat customers of ours. R.J. Huss booked a 4-hour reef trip on the Main Attraction boat for his wife and kids. The morning of their trip, Captain Marty reintroduced himself and the crew being sure to get everyone’s names. After reviewing the safety protocols, the Mate untied the lines and they headed to the reef. Reef trips are wonderful for younger kids, as the fish are more manageable to handle and reel in by themselves.

For those who don’t know, a reef trip entails anchoring the boat a few miles from land, chumming the water, and drifting or sinking baits behind the boat, often attracting delicious Yellowtail and Mangrove Snappers. Reef fishing can also yield other catches such as Blue Runners, Bonita, Parrotfish, Groupers, different types of Mackerel, and even Sailfish at the right time of year.

Amberjack Sharked

Each child had tons of opportunities with Yellowtail Snapper on this particular trip. It is great when they are biting well because repetition is the mother of skill! Before they knew it the Huss family reached their limit of Snapper, and it was time to try something else.

Captain Marty headed to some sunken wrecks to see if Mom and Dad could reel in a big fish. Wrecks typically offer larger fish, such as Amberjacks, large Groupers, and Mutton Snappers. That day, they hooked a few Amberjacks, and the kids all got to tug on them, with the help of Mom and Dad, of course!


Once back at the dock, Captain Marty and his Mate unloaded the fishbox and took some photos of the Family with their bounty. The kids were smiling ear to ear and showing off their fish. The fishing may have been over, but the kids were still having a blast.


As Captain Marty filleted the day’s catch, the children delighted in spotting the iguanas, who were regular visitors hoping for a free meal.

The kids also learned the names of the various resident fish congregating near the boats, providing a fascinating and educational opportunity for the kids. You can spot Crabs, Snapper, Tarpon, and Snook from our dock on a good day. A local manatee family has also made our dock their regular haunt, a sight that never fails to thrill children!

Family Reef Trips

Here we are after 30+ years of running charters, seeing this sight thousands of times, and it never gets old for us! As summer comes to a close we will be booking more reef trips as the weather cools and we get a nice breeze to be comfortable on anchor.

We look forward to fishing more families and hope to see yours soon. If you wish to inquire about fall and winter bookings, visit our contact page or call 305-289-0071.

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