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Can we jump in the water and swim?

Unfortunately, no! First, when chumming the water, it is not a good idea to swim. Sharks and other large species may be present. And second, our boats do not have an egress to get out of the water.

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What footwear should I wear for my trip?

Please make sure you wear non-skid footwear designed for wet conditions, such as boating shoes. Never go bare footed.   Flipflops are not consider boating shoes and are unsafe to wear on a boat or dock area. Boat and dock floors are often wet, and we want you to have a fun and safe experience.

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Do you have life jackets aboard your vessels?

Yes. We keep all of our vessels compliant with Coast Guard rules and life jackets are one of the requirements. All boats have them, and our Captains will let you know where they are during safety orientation when you first board the vessel. We do encourage those with little ones to bring a smaller life jacket along with them, the commercial life jackets we have are large and bulky.

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Do you organize or offer Split Charters?

No, we do not organize or offer split charters. A split charter is when strangers decide to meet for the first time and share a fishing charter together. While at first glance this may seem like a great idea to save a few dollars, it can lead to extreme dissatisfaction. You may read more about the comparison between private and shared fishing charters here. For this reason, we have smaller boats in our fleet, perfect for groups of 4 or less. Click here to see boat options and rates.

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