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Florida Keys Spring Fishing Report – March 2024

When it comes to fishing in the Florida Keys, March is one of the busiest months of the year, and we happily embrace it! Recently, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting many spring breakers and their families, who have been fortunate to experience the outstanding, consistent fishing we have been enjoying.

Yellowtail Snapper

The Florida Keys are a special place to fish because of the variety of species available, and spring is no exception. On the Reef, the Yellowtail Snapper bite is consistent this time of year, and we even get to catch very large flag-sized Yellowtail. These snappers are the absolute best target for families with kids because, most of the time, the little ones can handle the fish themselves and love every minute of it.


Dolphinfish (Mahi-Mahi)

Lately, temperatures have risen, though the springtime winds persist. And while Mahi season is still a good ways off, we’ve already spotted a few here and there, which is a good sign. During a recent trip with a repeat client, Matthew White, and his daughter aboard the Main One, landed two impressive gaffer-sized Mahi, a first for them.


Also, Captain Ben Zdan of the Ben O’fishal affiliate vessel had the pleasure of taking out the Geldreich family earlier in the week. Eager for some offshore action, they were thrilled to reel in a few Dolphinfish with the kids. They also caught their share of tasty Yellowtail Snapper during a stop on the reef. It’s worth noting that dolphinfish sightings are sporadic; for now, they are just a bonus for some of our trips.


African Pompano

Another added joy to spring is wreck fishing. The African Pompano has been plentiful for us recently, which is pretty special. The majority of our boats have been getting their limit of two per vessel. These fish are typically an uncommon catch, but spring is the best time to find them. They have a very unique shape and a beautiful bright silver coloration. They are also quite delicious to eat. We refer to them as diamonds in the sea!


Amberjack & Shark

Should anyone wish to test their skills with larger fish, our crew is more than willing to pursue amberjack or even a massive shark. Amberjack offer an exhilarating fight, showcasing their immense strength and size. Kids especially relish the thrill of encountering sharks, and everyone eagerly takes turns grappling with the beast to bring it close for an unforgettable photo moment.


Mutton Snapper

While targeting African Pompano and Amberjack, we also have encountered some Mutton Snapper just off the wrecks, another scrumptious fish. The way we fish for them is similar enough that sometimes we catch them when we target African Pompano or even Amberjack. We use a conventional rod with a long leader and weight and drift on or near the wrecks. The Muttons on the wreck are much bigger than the ones on the reef and put up a great fight.



Let’s remember it is still Sailfish season! When writing this, the Sailfish bite has been inconsistent because the weather and wind direction have been changing a lot. Conditions can shift unpredictably in the Keys, so we’re staying hopeful! While we’ve had a few Sailfish catches lately, we’re all eagerly awaiting the ideal conditions for the Gulf Stream to settle, giving us that beautiful powder blue edge on the ocean, signaling it’s time to go all in!

Whether we are kite fishing or sight fishing, Sailfish are one of the most fun fish we catch in the Keys. Watching a Sailfish leap out of the water while an angler fights to reel it in is always amazing, and our crew never gets tired of it, no matter how many times they see it.

African Pompano


The Kingfish and mackerel bite has also been hot recently. Our good buddy, Mark Busch, recently caught several Kingfish (King Mackerel), smoked them up, and made a delicious fish dip. Mark was nice enough to share it with the Main Attraction family, and we ate it up!


Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin Tuna in the Florida Keys? Yes! While fishing, we have recently spotted some of the migratory Bluefin tunas offshore surfing the waves. They are just passing through the Keys, but these are incredible fish to see in person.

Well, that’s our fishing report for March. If you are heading down to the Keys, schedule a trip and see what you can catch with us! Call us at 305-289-0071 or visit our contact page for more details.

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