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Meet The Crew 2021 – Part 3

For our third and final installment of the 2021 meet the crew series, we are focusing on Captain Marty Lewis and his wife Katie, the owners and operators of Main Attraction Sportfishing Charters.

Captain Marty Lewis – Main One

Captain Marty runs the Main One, our largest sportfishing vessel, however with his decades of experience, he can run any of the vessels in the charter fleet. He is on the water 300+ days a year fishing, and when he isn’t fishing you can usually find him in the boatyard maintaining all of our vessels during the off-season.

Many do not realize, Marty does the majority of the repairs and vessel work himself, but we also have two diesel mechanics on call, in the event he is unable to. Marty is quite handy and went to college for marine diesel mechanics and after running thousands of fishing trips you can imagine how much he has learned over the years.

Captain Marty is an excellent fisherman that has broken records and won many tournaments in his lifetime; however, he is very humble and you would never know it talking to him. He is a very laid-back guy, but enjoys being on the water and can’t imagine doing anything else than fishing for a living.

Over the many years, Marty has been fishing with the Main Attraction, he has built some amazing long-lasting relationships with clients and most of Marty’s charters are repeat customers. 

When Marty is not booked to fish or working in the boatyard, he tries to rest up, as many long hours on the water can take a toll on your body.

Despite being so busy Marty does make time to spend with his family and have fun. He enjoys riding four-wheelers in the woods, spearfishing, lobstering and fun fishing with his family. His wife, Katie, also loves to fish, which is how the two met many years ago. 

Katie and Marty Lewis

Katie Lewis – Operations

Katie Lewis has a degree in Construction Management from the University of North Florida and worked for general contractors and underground utility contractors for several years, before transitioning to the daily business operations of Main Attraction.

If you have booked a charter with the Main Attraction Sportfishing team within the last three years, you most likely have conversed in some way with Katie, as she handles the fleets booking reservations. Her knowledge of Florida Keys fishing and seasonality makes her a good resource for customers trying to figure out when they should book a trip to meet their goals.

In addition to reservations, she also manages other back-office operations of the business such as social media/marketing, website/blog, apparel design/sales, as well as accounting.

On top of all this, Katie is also a Mom to their 3-year-old daughter and 14-year-old son. 

Captain Marty and Katie with a Slammer Mahi.

Both Captain Marty and Katie work very hard at their family business and make a great team. They truly care about customer service and satisfaction and building long-lasting relationships that maintain repeat business.

Katie and Marty work tirelessly to make sure their customers have fun on the water and maintain their reputation as a group of hardworking crew members. They must be doing something right as most of their total customer base is repeat business!

If you wish to experience the Main Attraction fishing team firsthand, reach out to us at (305)-289-0071 or visit our contact page to book a trip for your next visit to the Florida Keys.

If you enjoyed this article and wish to meet the rest of our crew for 2021 check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this series! If you would like to read more about Marty and Katie visit our about the owners page.

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