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All About North Atlantic Swordfish – Facts About Florida Keys Broadbills

The Swordfish is a globally recognizable and iconic species of fish. A member of the billfish family, the Swordfish earns its name due to the flattened bill that looks like a sword protruding from its upper jaw. Most of the iconic fish we feature are known by different names, and the Swordfish is no exception. Swords are referred to by various names, including Broadbill, Emperado, and, scientifically, Xiphias gladius. No matter the name, the North Atlantic swordfish undoubtedly holds a special place in the world of sportfishing, especially in the Florida Keys. Main Attraction [...]

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All About Mutton Snapper – Florida Keys Mutton Snapper Facts

Last week we published an article about the secrets to successfully catching Mutton Snapper. We received such great feedback on it that we decided to spend some time learning more about this fascinating fish this week. We know how to catch it, but what else do we know about this intriguing fish? The Mutton Snapper is scientifically known as Lutjanus analis. Analis refers to its pointed anal fin, which helps to identify it versus other juvenile snappers. Mutton Snappers belong to the family Lutjanidae which contains other famous members such as the Red Snapper, Yellowtail Snapper, and [...]

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All About Wahoo – Florida Keys Wahoo Facts

If you are American, you call it Wahoo; Hawaiin, Ono; Japanese, Kamasu-sawara; or a marine biologist, Acanthocybium Solandri. No matter what you call it, this cousin of the Mackerel is an extraordinary fish. When a Florida Keys fishing Captain has a Wahoo pulled over the transom of their vessel, everyone gets excited. Wahoo is a treat, not an everyday catch, even for daily fishing Captains in the Florida Keys. You can only accomplish a Florida Blue Water Slam by catching a Wahoo! So we know we love catching Wahoos and eating them, but what else can we [...]

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All About Sailfish – Facts About Atlantic Sailfish

Winter is nearly here, and besides the holidays, there is another gift we have to look forward to down here in the Florida Keys; The Atlantic Sailfish! The Sailfish is undoubtedly the quintessential sportfish of the Florida Keys. Not many species of fish can get an angler's heart racing like having a Sailfish on the line. No matter how many Sailfish our Captains and Crews catch and release Sailfish, it never gets old; it is always exciting and fun. But how much do we really know about the Atlantic Sailfish? Atlantic Vs Pacific First, let us differentiate [...]

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All About The Yellowtail Snapper – Facts About Florida Keys Yellowtail

Well, it's that time of year again, time to catch Yellowtail Snapper! Earlier this year, we published The “Secret” to Successful Yellowtail Fishing Trips in the Florida Keys, which was focused on how to catch Yellowtail and have a great reef fishing trip. Today instead, we will focus on the Yellowtail Snapper itself because while most of us know they are beautiful looking and delicious to eat, there is much more to learn about this fascinating species of fish. Location, Location, Location Yellowtail Snappers (Ocyurus chrysurus) can be found in the Atlantic ocean along the East Coast of [...]

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All About The Blackfin Tuna – Facts About Florida Keys Tuna

This article is the second installment of a series we are writing about the many unique species of fish in the Florida Keys. At Main Attraction, we believe the more you know about the fish you are targeting, the better you will be at catching them! Learning interesting facts about the incredible species that live in the waters of the Florida Keys helps anglers develop a greater respect for their quarry and make well-informed decisions on whether or not to keep or release a fish. This week we will learn about the Blackfin Tuna. Our Captains have been catching [...]

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All About The Florida Keys Dolphinfish – Facts About Mahi-Mahi

All About The Florida Keys Dolphinfish - Facts about  Mahi-Mahi This is the first installment of a series we plan to write about the many unique species of fish in the Florida Keys. Our past articles often tend to focus on catching fish in the Keys and the techniques we use to catch them but not so much on the species themselves. The fact of the matter is the more you know about the fish you are targeting the better you will be at catching them! Knowledge gained about a fish's eating habits, migratory patterns, and general tendencies, [...]

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Mack Facts! Mackerel Fishing in the Florida Keys

Mack Facts! Mackerel Fishing in the Florida Keys As the cooler north winds blow in this time of year, and water temperatures decline, schools of Mackerel begin to appear all throughout the waters of the Florida Keys. We fish many Reef trips at the Main Attraction during the winter months, and while we are targeting delicious reef staples such as Yellowtail and Mangrove Snapper, we enjoy flying kites to see what else we can raise. While doing this, schools of Mackerel often come storming in at high speeds along the surface to snack on live baitfish, and when they [...]

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