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2020 Mahi-Mahi Tournament Update

The day started like any other, they loaded the boat with live bait, rigged ballyhoo, and fresh line on all the rods. Their Clients arrived, and they headed offshore to get in a good position for the official “lines in” time-frame. The Fishing was tough, the Florida Keys were shut down for nearly 3 months during the pandemic and June 1st they reopened the Keys which meant a lot of boats trying to make up for lost fishing time and lots of pressure on the fish that were available. Adding to the challenge the weed was very scattered that day and not formed into troll worthy lines by the current. Adding to the challenge there was not a lot of big fish around which meant no sets of 2 or 3 frigate birds following big Slammer Dolphinfish.

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Local Heroes Tarpon Fishing Tournament – 2020

Local Heroes Tarpon Fishing Tournament Our first responders have been on the frontlines of the pandemic these past few months, working overtime while risking their health. Florida Keys Air Conditioning decided to organize a local heroes Tarpon fun tournament on May 23rd to thank them, and we were honored to participate. The Marathon, Florida based AC company reached out to the community and local businesses to help sponsor the event. Captain Marty and Steve took our 32’ Seahunter, Reel Attraction, over to Keys Fisheries to pick up the randomly selected first responders to participate in a shotgun start [...]

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Florida Keys Sailfish Record 70 Sailfish Caught and Released in one day!

Florida Keys Sailfish Record - 70 Sailfish Caught and Released in one day! On Saturday, April 11th, first mate Digger Rodamer sent out a group text to the Main Attraction crew suggesting a Sailfish trip on Easter Sunday. Digger and Captain Marty Lewis saw each other earlier that day while fishing off the Marathon hump. Captain Marty had taken his wife, Katie, and young daughter tuna fishing. Based on the conditions they saw offshore both Marty and Digger had a feeling the sail fishing was about to be great. With it being a holiday and having [...]

Islamorada Sailfish Tournament 2020 – Fish For Holly

Islamorada Sailfish Tournament 2020 - Fish For Holly Last Saturday, Main Attraction was entered into the 2nd Annual Fish for Holly Sailfish Tournament, based out of Islamorada. The crew consisted of Captain Marty Lewis at the helm of Main One, with the help of Captain Shelby and first mate Digger Rodamer working the pit. We had four registered anglers, an all-female team, consisting of Katie Lewis (Marty’s wife and business partner), Elise Mucha (Brutus Seafood owner), Alli Heller and Carlin Palumberi. The team left the dock at 4:30am to run up to Islamorada and catch [...]

Winter Sailfish Tournaments in the Florida Keys

Winter Sailfish Tournaments in the Florida Keys It is almost that time of the year again, Sailfish Tournament fishing! Starting in December through March, Main Attraction Fishing Charters partakes in as many Sailfish tournaments in the Florida Keys as our schedule allows. Our clients often hire us to fish these tournaments for a shot at a big money prize. Our Tournament record includes many wins and placements. As we have discussed in previous articles, the key to our tournament success is preparation. From making sure all the rods and reels have been re-spooled and are in [...]

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Florida Keys Dolphin Tournament Fishing

Florida Keys Dolphin Tournament Fishing The first weekend of May every year, the Marathon Bull and Cow tournament kicks off the start of Mahi Tournament season. You’ve probably already read about how the Main Attraction Fishing Fleet prepares for sailfish tournaments, but now we are switching gears and starting dolphin season. Tournaments are different from standard charter fishing as the stakes are higher and the fishing days are longer. Just like with sailfish tournaments a well-qualified and well-prepared Captain and Mate are an absolute must for success. First, many hours are spent behind the scenes, prepping the equipment. Each [...]

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The “Secret” to Winning Florida Keys Sailfish Tournaments

The "Secret" to Winning Florida Keys Sailfish Tournaments Sailfish Tournaments are held in the Florida Keys between November and April when Sailfish are most plentiful. While the Main Attraction promotes a sense of comradery and teamwork among its crew there is a friendly competition that exists between boats for the best catches on a daily basis. This passion for putting together great catches and spirit of competitiveness is why the Main Attraction team enjoys tournament fishing so much. The idea of the best charter boats in the Keys putting their skills to the test for the top title [...]

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