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Two-Day Florida Keys Summer Fishing Charter Camp – July 2022

We had such a blast hosting our spring fish camp that we have decided to do a summertime fish camp! The summer brings calmer seas and winds, which is excellent news because typically, we need to head further offshore to catch fish this time of year. So we switch gears in the summer and spend most of our time offshore. The winter/spring gusty winds have subsided by May, allowing us to travel far enough to target deep-sea pelagic and bottom-dwelling fish. We still monitor the weather because we occasionally see fronts or tropical systems in the summertime. Dates [...]

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Two-Day Florida Keys Fishing Charter Camp – March 2022

Main Attraction is happy to announce our latest Fishing Camp program! Friday, March 18th, and Saturday, March 19th, 2022, is our Two-Day Spring Fishing Camp. This program is for clients who want to learn first-hand about the techniques we utilize for catching various species in the Florida Keys. Being able to correctly identify the fishing conditions on any given day help a Captain know what species they should target. This fishing camp will focus on that, which means you will likely target various species over the two days. Get as involved as you would like to be! Want [...]

January 26th, 2022|Categories: Fishing Camp, Florida Keys Fishing Charters, Main One, Offshore, Reef|

Main Attraction Moves To Marathon Sailfish Marina

With the New Year comes some exciting news for the Main Attraction family! No, we are not expecting any babies, but Captain Marty and Katie have recently purchased a 13-slip marina! We are excited to announce that Marathon Sailfish Marina is the new home of Main Attraction Sportfishing Charters. For the past three decades, Key Colony Beach Marina has been our docking home, and by our estimates, we've fished somewhere between 150-180 thousand people out of that marina! Since Hurricane Irma hit the Keys in 2017, the Key Colony Beach Marina has been up for sale. Over the [...]

January 15th, 2022|Categories: Main Attraction, Main One|

A Florida Keys Winter Sailfish Story

On the morning of December 6th, Captain Marty Lewis and Mate Lance Doire pulled out of the Marina aboard the Main One on a mission. To help Vinny Yeager, age 66, fulfill a lifelong dream to catch a Sailfish. Vinny is no stranger to fishing; he spent most of his life fishing on the Long Island Sound and taking fishing vacations in Cape May. After moving to Florida in 2013 to retire, Vinny switched to fishing in the lakes and canals of his home in Melbourne, vacationing in the Florida Keys. But somehow, after all these years, [...]

December 20th, 2021|Categories: Main One, Sailfish, Videos|

ECA 36th Annual Fishing Tournament – Hawks Cay Marina

Florida Keys summertime means two things, hopefully, lots of Dolphin Fish (Mahi) and fishing tournaments. Every year, we look forward to participating in these Florida Keys fishing tournaments. The Engineering Contractors Association or ECA holds their annual Dolphin & Wahoo tournament out of Hawk’s Cay each year. Last year it was suspended, due to COVID, so we were excited it returned in 2021. Main Attraction has been fishing this tournament for years, for a wide variety of companies over the years. This year The Paving Lady, a paving and road work contractor based out of West Palm Beach, [...]

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Springtime Wreck Fishing in the Florida Keys

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, no it's not Christmas, it's springtime in the Florida Keys!  Florida Keys springtime fishing offers a wide variety of species to be caught, along with an equally diverse set of fishing conditions. This time of year we aren’t typically fishing as far from land as we do later on in the year. When it comes to fishing in the Spring, less travel time means longer fishing time! While Yellowtail Snapper are delicious to eat and can still be found on the Reef in the springtime, many of our customers [...]

Meet The Crew 2021 – Part 3

For our third and final installment of the 2021 meet the crew series, we are focusing on Captain Marty Lewis and his wife Katie, the owners and operators of Main Attraction Sportfishing Charters. Captain Marty Lewis – Main One Captain Marty runs the Main One, our largest sportfishing vessel, however with his decades of experience, he can run any of the vessels in the charter fleet. He is on the water 300+ days a year fishing, and when he isn’t fishing you can usually find him in the boatyard maintaining all of our vessels during the off-season. Many [...]

February 26th, 2021|Categories: Florida Keys Fishing Charters, Main One|

Barrelfish, Rare Creatures Of The Deep – 2021 Fishing Report

Earlier this week Main Attraction had a day open for the Main One, their 49-foot sportfishing vessel. Owners Captain Marty and Katie Lewis decided to take it out for a day of fun fishing with some crew members, friends, and family. They headed offshore on a very calm day and decided to drop some baits down to the bottom in deep water. Katie’s friend Carlin, father Fred, and son Alex had never caught a Queen Snapper and wanted to cross that species off their bucket list. The Queen Snapper have been chewing pretty good lately, and [...]

February 16th, 2021|Categories: Bottomfishing, Florida Keys Fishing Charters, Main One, Offshore, Videos|

Meet The Crew 2021-Part 2

For our second installment of this year's Meet The Crew series, we are focusing on our First Mates. While our Captains’ primary roles are maintaining our vessels, keeping them fueled up, and finding fish for our customers to catch, our Mates have equally important roles to fill. Our Mates' responsibilities include keeping the vessels clean, maintaining fishing gear, managing tackle inventory, as well as assisting the customers in catching and boating fish. And as always at Main Attraction, ALL crew members catch live-bait! Lance Doire – First Mate Main One Lance Doire is the first mate for Captain [...]

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Queen Snapper Fishing in the Florida Keys

On January 6th, 2021 Main One had a full-day trip scheduled with one of our long-time customers, Mr. Cookie Rice. He brought along his daughter, Sally, son-in-law James, and a few neighbors to enjoy a beautiful day out on the water. The crew started heading offshore with live-wells full of bait to target large Blackfin Tuna. Live baiting on the hump can be extremely exciting but also challenging when there are large hungry sharks in the area. We had several anglers over the age of 70 years old for this trip, and fighting the large Tunas while [...]

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